Pratyahban scheme in Assam

Pratyahban scheme in Assam – Free Text Books, scooties to meritorious girl students

The state government of Assam state has announced to distribute free text books to students in the state. The new implementation has been made by the government with an aim to provide importance to education and welfare of the students. To effectively implement the new system the state government has also ensured that the books have been distributed to respective schools.

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Launch Details

  • According to the latest updates, the state government has taken the new initiative under the supervision of education Ministry, as stated by Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma (Education Minster- Assam state).
  • The government has also ensured that the distribution of free books will be done before 1st Jan 2018 in selected schools.
  • The announcement was made by the Minister on a occasion held at scholarship cum felicitation function organized at the Bezera School ground on 24th Dec 2017.

Benefit of the scheme

  • According to the statements made the new initiative has been taken by the state government to help provide facilities to every student for access to study materials, free of cost.
  • The state government will also ensure that sufficient copies will be provided to each school within the state limits for the student benefits.
  • The program was already set to be implemented earlier but on account of delays it had to be implemented this academic year.
  • Along with free books distribution, the state government has also announced to implement a system of free admission to the students for university level.
  • Apart from this the state government will also offer students with opportunity to apply for the higher secondary education for free in various schools and colleges at the time of examination registration.

Pratyahban scheme – Distribute scooties to meritorious girl students

The state government has also announced that it shall be introducing the Pratyahban scheme for the students till higher education level under which it shall try and provide with much better education system for students up till higher secondary level.

  • The implementation of the Pratyahban scheme will be done by the state government at the Panchayat level in various districts.
  • Under this scheme the state government will also try and provide with scooties to around 1000 meritorious girl students in selected schools.
  • The selection and distribution process will also take place on 12th January 2018 for students who had appeared for higher secondary examinations for the last academic year.
  • It is also expected that this move will help in increase in the number of meritorious students to around 5000 for coming academic year.
  • It is also obvious that this scheme will help in encouraging more number of girl students to score better marks in the state board exams in coming years.

It is obvious that for improving present education system and encouraging more students to score better marks, the state government had also awarded selected meritorious students with cash prize. This will motivate more number of students to study and perform better in their board exams in coming years.

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