Dulari Kanya Yojana in Arunachal Pradesh

Dulari Kanya Yojana in Arunachal Pradesh

The Arunachal Pradesh govt. has launched a welfare scheme named as DKY which will help in checking the rate of infant mortality in the state. The scheme has been launched on the Republic Day in the state capital by the Ex-Governor of the state. Under this special welfare scheme for girls of the state, the govt. will invest some amount for those girl children who are born in the govt. hospitals located within the state.  This scheme will be beneficial for every family which is having births of female child and to bring down female infanticide rates in the state. A total of Rs. 8,000 crore has already been sanctioned for improvisations in the health, education, public distribution and other fields.

Who will get benefits of the scheme?

The Durali Kanya scheme in Arunachal Pradesh will provide financial benefit to those families / parents which will have female births. The birth of a girl child will ensure a secured future for the girl and the parents will have to just take care of the girl’s upbringing. Every family which is domicile of Arunachal Pradesh either by birth or are staying in the state for very long time and have authorized residential certificate will get the benefits under the scheme. On the institutional birth of every girl child in any govt. hospital of the state, the govt. will deposit an amount of money in the girl’s name which may be used in future. The govt. has not yet mentioned up to how many births, the benefit under this scheme can be given.

Dulari Kanya scheme features

Below are some of the important points of the welfare scheme the new born girl children in Arunachal Pradesh:

  • This scheme will be beneficial only for those families which are domicile of the state of Arunachal Pradesh and the institutional delivery must take place in a government hospital located within the state. Delivery in private nursing homes will not be eligible for getting benefits under this scheme.
  • This scheme is only for female births and when the girl child is born, a sum of Rs. 20 thousand will be provided from the government welfare fund and an account will be created in the girl’s name. The Arunachal Pradesh govt. might also take the help of central govt. for budget allocations for the welfare scheme.
  • This account will be a bank account for minors with the either of the parents as its nominees. In case, there is absence of both father and mother, the legal guardian can be the nominee of the bank account.
  • The sum of Rs. 20 thousand can be withdrawn only if the girl attains the age of 18 years. The amount will incur big margin interests due to the long term deposit. This amount may be used for girl’s education or for her marriage. The amount will be locked in till the maturity i.e. till the girl becomes 18 years old. The interest rate will depend on the bank.
  • This scheme will also benefit in curbing the ill practices of female infanticide and maintaining a healthy sex ratio in the state.
  • After the withdrawal of the money by the beneficiary, the bank account may also be used for savings or deposit purposes in future.

Keeping track of pregnant mothers

This scheme will focus not only in depositing the money in the bank accounts of new female births in the state, but also will keep track of all the pregnancies across the state. The Health dept. will be responsible to take of all the pregnant mothers so that the birth of infants happens smoothly in the govt. hospitals. The medical facilities provided the govt. hospitals in the state will be improved with better infrastructure. Post delivery, extra care and attention will be provided for that health of both mother and child becomes stable. Special attention will be given in all the rural belts which do not have major hospitals and the pregnant women generally opt for traditional delivery at homes or have to travel to bigger towns with hospital facilities. Each village will have access to rural hospitals so that they do not need to visit other hospitals for institutional delivery.

Curbing female infanticide

Another very important vision of the Arunachal Pradesh govt. for launching this welfare scheme is to check and abolish the practice of female infanticide in the state. As per several records, the rate of female infanticide is lower in the north eastern states of India. Also the states like Arunachal Pradesh have a healthy female to male ratio. However, the state govt. is committed to curb any such ill practices of female infanticide. Any such incident will be subjected to legal prosecution and arrest of the offender who assist or perform this ill practice. The Dulari Kanya scheme will encourage the families to encourage having girl child. In many families, the birth of a girl child brings lot of added responsibilities on the shoulders of the parents. This social scheme will be very beneficial for the girl child’s education and marriage.

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