Free Laptops to Students of Tamil Nadu for Session 2019

Free Laptops to Students of Tamil Nadu for Session 2019

The state govt. of Tamil Nadu has introduced a new scheme under which free laptops will be distributed among students. These laptops will be given only to the poor and backward students studying in schools and colleges of Tamil Nadu which will help them in their education. A total of 5 lakh such laptops will be distributed among the students in the current academic session of 2017 – 2018. Budget allocation has also been made for the scheme and the laptop distribution process will start very soon, as per reports from the IT Dept. which will provide the laptops to the beneficiary students.

Aim of the scheme

Along with the free laptop scheme for students, the govt. of Tamil Nadu has also announced several other welfare schemes after the death of the CM of the state, Lt. Jayalalitha. This free laptop scheme is aimed to provide technological help to the students who cannot afford buying computers and laptops which are very essential these days for school or college education.  For this purpose, a budget allocation of Rs. 890 crore has already been done by the Govt. Apart from this scheme, several other welfare schemes like bicycle distribution for students is also launched. Below is some of the motto of providing free laptops to the students of the state:

  • The laptops provided will help increasing the knowledge on computer science and its application in various walks of life. In present days, computers are very essential for everyone and will make them digitally advanced.
  • The laptops thus provided by the govt. will help the students in their academic education. For higher education also, laptop is very important.
  • Apart from studies, the beneficiaries will be able to get to the world of internet and its various applications. They can be self sufficient and will not need to visit a cyber café for filling up a form for a joint entrance exam, or booking a railway ticket online.
  • The free laptop scheme is also aimed to help the students in their professional fields when they land up in various jobs. Also in they explore the world of entrepreneurship, this free laptop will be very beneficial.

Target beneficiary of the free laptop scheme in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu Govt. has set target beneficiaries for distribution of free laptops in the state. A total of 5 lakh laptops will be distributed in all the districts, throughout the state. This project will continue for this academic session of 2017 – 2018. This scheme is targeted only for the poor and backward students of the state. Those school and college students who belong to the financially backward families will get the free laptop from Tamil Nadu Govt. under this scheme. The beneficiaries must be domicile of the state. Laptops are quite expensive and are priced anywhere between Rs. 20 – 40 thousand, based on its technical specifications. So, those students who belong to poor families cannot afford it and only students from rich families only get its benefits. Hence, with this free laptop distribution scheme, the poor and backward students will also be able to use laptops for their education and professional use.

Inauguration of the scheme

The free laptop distribution scheme of Tamil Nadu was launched by the Hon’ble IT Minister, Shree M. Kanikanandan. In total, 5 lakh laptops will be distributed throughout the academic year 2017 – 2018. The venue of the inauguration of the scheme was a polytechnic college in Kilakarai. A total of 163 students from that college were provided with free laptops by the IT Minister himself. In that occasion, the District Collector Mr. S. Natrajan was also present. While addressing the crowd, the Kanikanandan explained that this laptop distribution scheme was one of the main visionary of Late Jayalalitha and wanted every student of Tamil Nadu to become computer literate. A total of 14 several other welfare schemes are also in line dedicated to the school and college students. This free laptop scheme is one of them.

Past schemes of laptop distribution by the Tamil Nadu Government

In the past also when, Jayalalitha was in power, the students of Tamil Nadu received free laptops from the state govt. In the last five years, the state govt. of Tamil Nadu has changed the lives of 33 lakh students belonging from the state with their laptop distribution schemes. A total of around Rs. 8,900 crore spent for this purpose. In fact, Tamil Nadu was the first state in India which launched such type of scheme. Soon, similar scheme was launched by the Assam Govt. in their state and followed by several others.

Bicycle distribution scheme

Apart from free laptops, the Tamil Nadu Govt. has also launched the free cycle distribution scheme for the students of the state. On that very day of inauguration of the free laptop scheme, the Minister of IT also flagged off this bicycle distribution scheme. A total of 2,454 school students from 23 different schools from the areas like Mudukalathur, Kamudhi, Kilakarai, etc. got these bicycles. From that very district, around 13,711 students will get free bicycles this academic session, which include 7,445 girl students.

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