Dharani Telangana Farmers Free Pattadar Passbook Scheme Under Land Records Registration Policy

Telangana Farmers Free Pattadar Passbook Scheme Under Land Records Registration Policy at Dharani

The Telangana State government will soon distribute new passbooks to the farmers to record and track their land related details. Farmers will have to register for the scheme under which all the farmers, irrespective of land holdings, will get new passbooks for free.

Telangana Farmers Free Passbook Scheme

Launch Date And Details

Chief Minister of the state Mr. K. Chandrashekhar Rao has announced about the scheme. On 11th March 2018, the farmers will get their passbook. The state ministry has said that either Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi or President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind will present on the launch and will distribute the passbooks to the farmers of the state.

Key Highlights of New Passbook

  • New Passbook: This passbook will be tamper-free pattadar passbooks. It has been said that these passbooks will be of the same kind of Passport. In this passbook, land related records will be added.
  • Processing: The state government has already done with reviewing land details. On Saturday 13th January, by spending 8 long hours CM of the state has done this review. Once the reform review and the land purification will be done, the passbooks will start printing.
  • Distribution: All the farmers will have to register for the passbooks. Once the registration will be done they will be able to receive their passbooks on 11th March 2018.
  • Need for the passbook: To eliminate corruption and other disputes regarding land holdings in the state, the government has come up with such unique facility for the farmers. This system will be more transparent.
  • Official Website: This model or project will also have an official website namely ‘Dharani’. Under this website all the information regarding land and reform schemes will be available. The state will be responsible to update the website with latest news and information.
  • Reforms policy: With this model or system the government will also come up with new Land and Reforms based Registration Policy. All these will be available in website Dharani.

How to get the passbooks

To get registered with the website and get the passbook, farmers can visit Mandal Offices in respective districts. Registration process will be done by the officials in Mandal Offices.

This is a unique scheme in the state. Before Telangana, none of the states have started such system of passbook. Along with the system, the state will also introduce the Input Assistance Scheme. Under this scheme farmers will get subsidy for their inputs while cropping their field.

This system will make things much easier for both farmers and the government. It will be stronger way to maintain all kinds of information and record regarding land holdings. Hence less of corruption will take place.

Latest update (18/4/2018) –

The state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has announced to get started with Pattadar passbook distribution programme state wide. The new programme is expected to cover over 58 lakh state farmers.  The government will begin with the distribution process at district level within the state constituencies.  The process for distribution shall begin from 10th May 2018 and government will form 2761 teams for effective distribution of pattadar passbooks. The government expects to cover over 10323 villages at the state level with over 1546 villages to be covered every day by the teams. The entire programme is expected to be completed within 10 day time frame.

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