Fish Transport Trucks Subsidy Scheme Goa

Government Subsidy for Purchase of Fish Transport Trucks In Goa [eligibility criteria, documents]Application Process

States located in the coastal areas depend a lot on the fish production and sale. Fishing is their staple business. India has a long coastline, and many states are dotted along it. It means thousands of people, living in these coastal areas depend on capture and sale of fish in the market. Fishing is a lucrative business, but comes with its hazards. A food commodity like fish needs proper storage facilities. Otherwise it will deteriorate before reaching the market. To assist fishermen, the state authority of Goa has come with a subsidy scheme, especially designed for development of fishermen.

Fish Transport Trucks Subsidy Scheme Goa

Launch details

The scheme has been announced by the officers of the Fishery Department in Goa in 2018. As per the announcement, the implementation will start during this year itself. In case the scheme attains success, it will be extended beyond the 2018 – 2019 financial year. The Directorate of Fisheries in Goa will look after the implementation and development of this scheme.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of fishermen – Most people in Goa are associated with the fishing business. It is appropriate that a scheme like this will be implemented in Goa. With the assistance of the government, fishermen will be able to purchase transport trucks, which come with refrigerators, installed inside, at low prices.
  2. Financial assistance for transportation trucks – As per the draft, interested candidates can attain financial assistance from the government to purchase insulated fish transport trucks.
  3. Nature of the trucks – As these trucks will be used for transporting fish from one place to another, these need to be properly insulated. These special trucks come with inbuilt refrigerator units. It helps the fisherman to maintain proper temperature and pressure to keep the fish fresh till it reaches the processing factories or markets.
  4. Maximum financial assistance available – Fishermen who belong to the general category will be entitled to acquire a financial assistance that is equal 40% or equal to Rs. 8,00,000 for every truck. Candidates belonging to ST, SC or OBC categories of if the business is run by a woman, then they will be entitled to get 60% of the total price of Rs. 8,000,000 for every vehicle.
  5. Easy transportation of fish – If the fishermen have access to these specially equipped trucks, then they will not have to worry about transporting fish any more. Temperature and pressure controls in the truck will keep the catch fresh for a long time.
  6. Lessen the pressure on rented truck service providers – The insulated trucks will help in lessening the pressure on the service providers who rent insulated trucks to fishermen. The pressure on these service providers increases significantly during peak seasons.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Scheme for fish business owners – As the scheme has been designed by the Department of Fisheries, there are no extra points for the guessing that only people associated with the fishing industry will be able to apply. They must have an active association of 3 years or more with fish industry.
  2. Specific truck capacity – The financial subsidy will only be available if the candidate purchases an insulated truck that has a carrying capacity of 10 tones.
  3. Residents of Goa – The fishermen must be residents of Goa. Otherwise, they will not be able to get this subsidy.
  4. Maintenance of the truck – Once the truck has been purchased; it will be the responsibility of the fisherman to maintain the truck. The state government will not offer any financial assistance to repair or maintain the truck.

Documents necessary for the scheme

  1. Business documents – As there is a business period related criterion, the fishermen must also get certificates from the panchayat office or the fishery department to prove that he/she has been associated actively with fishing business for 3 years running.
  2. GST and purchase bills – To attain the subsidy from the government, the fishermen must submit the bill and GST papers for the transportation trucks.
  3. NOC – Apart from these documents, the fish business owner must get No Objection Certificate or a NOC. The NOC must be certified by the officers of Fishery Directorate.

Funding for the scheme

As per the details of this scheme, the state government of Goa will offer the financial support to the interested fishermen under the CSS Blue Revolution scheme. The same department will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring the fish industry development project.

It is a development program that has been designed for fishing industry. With proper refrigeration and transportation facilities in easy reach, fishermen will not have to worry about any loses. It will also offer the fishermen to save more money as they no longer have to pay for rented transportation trucks.


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