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The state government of UP (Uttar Pradesh) has set its mind to offer farmers within the state with a new ambitious scheme. The Uttar Pradesh Free Boring Yojana is yet another gift of the government for the state farmers in addition to recently implemented loan waiver scheme and others.

The state government has aimed at improving the life of the state farmers and so the Free Boring Yojana can be considered as a major step. The scheme is aimed at offering each of the state farmers with Free Boring facilities for their farmlands.

Uttar Pradesh Free Boring Yojana

Launch details

The new scheme for effective implementation has been announced by the state government. The state government has announced the new scheme to be implemented within all major districts of the state for Marginal and small scale farmers immediately.

Key Features

  • The new scheme is a type of relief scheme for the state farmers under which they will get the benefit of availing for Boring facilities for free of cost at the farm lands.
  • The state government has already made it clear that under this scheme big farmers of the state will not be eligible as it is only open for farmers belonging to medium or small scale categories.
  • The state government has also made the following implementation of the scheme after noticing the decreasing financial conditions of the medium and small scale farmers since 1985.
  • The government has also made it clear that it shall be ensuring that the benefit of the new scheme will reach to most districts within the state leaving out the critical conditioned blocks.
  • The government shall also be providing the farmers with boring facility for free so they don’t have to invest any money in getting one bore well at their farm land. This will prove useful for the farmers who face water related issues for irrigation of their farm lands.
  • The state government has also requested that each farmer who gets the benefit of this scheme will have to plant at least 25 saplings in his farmland nearby to the bore well. This move will help in preservation of the ground water.

Fund Budget sanctioned under this scheme

The state government has already declared that it has set a budget of Rs 38.83 crore that will be made available by the state government for implementation of the scheme.

The new funds will be available in the form of agricultural based subsidy to the farmers.  It will be used for medium and small scale farmers only within the state. The government had already announced of the set budget at the time of Fiscal years budget session.

Grants offered under this scheme

Marginal and Small farmers Grants – general category

  • The state government has announced that it shall be providing with a fixed grant for the farmers belonging to these categories. The government shall be offering with a grant of Rs 7000 for each marginal farmer and Rs 5000 for each small scale farmer.
  • The state government has also mentioned that under General category the farmer should have a land holding of around 0.2 hectare. The farmer under GC is also not mandated to install a water pump set nearby the boring well for pumping water.
  • The government will also offer the farmer with a subsidy of Rs 4000 as grant for each of the small scale farmer and Rs 6000 subsidy for each of the medium scale farmer.

SC (Schedule Caste) farmer Grants

  • For the farmers belonging to the SC / ST categories of the state the government has announced to offer with Rs 10,000 grant under this scheme.
  • The government has also announced that the boundary for minimum scale of farm lands and pump sets has also not been fixed. The state government has also announced that it shall be providing with monetary help for purchasing Pipes, Valve, bands, reflex and other equipments that is within the limitation of Rs 10,000.

HDPE Pipes Grants

  • The state government has also announced that it shall be offering with a set subsidy under this scheme for purchasing HDPE pipes for their farm lands. The funds have been announced by the state government since 2012-13 with an aim to help prevent wastage of water.
  • To help increase the irrigation the government will also be providing with 25 percent grants for purchasing HDPE pipes of 7 meter diameter.
  • A grant of 50 percent will be offered for purchasing pipes ranging between 30 to 90 mm in diameter or Rs 3000 (on the lesser side). The government has also sanctioned grant for HDPE pipes of 110 mm size as per March 22nd 2016 955/62-202012 order.

Pump set Grants

  • The state government will also be offering with grants to the farmers for purchasing pump sets. The NABARD has also announced to set the credit limit to be offered to the farmers for investing in HP pump Sets via bank loan.
  • The farmers can also purchase the pump sets from registered distributors and dealers at the district level that is of ISI make.

Eligibility Criteria under the scheme

  • One of the main eligibility criteria is that the farmer has to be native citizen of the state of Uttar Pradesh. He should only belong to the marginal and small scale sector.
  • The general category farmer should have a land holding of only 0.2 hectare to take the benefit of the scheme while SC and ST category farmers do not have any set limits to take the benefit.

Documents Required

Interested farmers are expected to provide with a copy of their Aadhar card detail along with the legal documentations of their farm lands.

Application form download

Here you can download application form http://minorirrigationup.gov.in/MediaGallery/Nishulk%20Boring.pdf

Application process under this scheme

  • Farmers who want to take the benefit under this scheme will have to visit the official government web site at http://minorirrigationup.gov.in/StaticPages/Scheme-hi.aspx. The application form is available on the official web page and can be downloaded.
  • Once the form has been downloaded the farmer can fill in all details and attach all required documents along with the form. The application forms have to be submitted by the farmers at the Small Irrigation Department UP.
  • The department will decide the list of eligible farmers after checking with the eligibility status.

The state government of UP has announced the above mentioned scheme with an aim to help boost the performance within the small and medium scale farmers with better irrigation facilities.

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