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Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) Eligibility Application Form Process Course Mobile App Download 2018-19

Conservation, managements and development of the environment is necessary for the overall development of the country. It is possible to generate employment by tapping these resources. The central government’s Green Skill Development Programme or the GSDP is one such initiative that has been taken up by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.


Launch details

The respective department announced the implementation of GSDP on the 15th of May, 2018. Along with this, they also released the list of many courses, which will be offered under this program. The official application of the program was also launched by the department. The central government will soon start work on the implementation of this unique program.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Bridging skill gaps – Skill development has always been an agenda of the central government. With this scheme, the government desires to lower the skill gap in the nation.
  2. Estimated generation of employment opportunities – When the training starts, the scheme will accommodate 80,000 candidates immediately. With time, the central authority will succeed in creating 2.25 lakh employment opportunities. It will rise to 5 lakhs by the end of 2021.
  3. Programs and institutes – The central government will take the help of 84 separate institutes. These institutes will offer training as well as develop the 30 different courses, which have been selected by the government.
  4. 10th and 12th dropout candidates (Eligibility) – The implementation of this scheme has been done to bring school dropouts in the professional framework. The main target will be to increase the participation of students who have left traditional academic curriculum, mainly from 10th and 12th Estimates show that 31% students belong to the dropout category.
  5. Development of other sectors – With the implementation of this scheme, the central government will be able to bring about progress in the sectors like Nationally Determined Contributions, National Biodiversity, Waste Management and Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. Course compliancy – The scheme document highlights that the design of the courses will be done in such a manner that these comply with the rules laid down by the National Skills Qualification Framework.
  7. Course duration – The draft states that the duration of the courses will be different. On an average, the duration can range between 80 hours and 560 hours.
  8. Activity under 1st phase – It has been mentioned that under the first phase of the program implementation, the central authority and the respective departments will create a team of specialists. These individuals have experience and will impart knowledge among the applicants.

Courses under the initiative

  1. Monitoring soil, water, air pollution
  2. Forest management
  3. Sewage Treatment Plants
  4. Water Budgeting
  5. Waste Management Programs
  6. Common Effluent & Effluent Treatment Plants
  7. Wildlife Management
  8. Auditing
  9. People’s Biodiversity Register
  10. River Dolphins Conservation Programs
  11. Generating Livelihood
  12. Conservation of Mangroves
  13. Bamboo Management
  14. Para Taxonomy

New app lunch

For the ease of acquiring information on the entire scheme and course related details, the respective department has launched a special application. All interested applicants can download the app on their smartphones by logging on to the link They need not pay any money for attaining the application. The GSDP Mobile App offers not only course details, but eligibility, and application related dates as well.

Schemes like these not only give rise of employment opportunities, but also assist the nation to maintain and develop natural resources like forests. Taking care of the environment is a must. These programs ensure that conversation is duly balanced with development.

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