Ideate For India National Challenge

Ideate For India Event National Challenge for School Students Eligibility Criteria Online Registration Form 2018-19

Technical support and development are key elements for the progress of the society. But the central government will require the assistance of private associations to make this dream a reality. To encourage school students, the authority has organized an event, where school students, from all corners of the country will be able to submit online applications. Winners will attain certificates, and will also be able to showcase their problem solving skills, with the help of technological advancements.

Ideate For India – Creative Solution Using Technology

Launch details

Name of the event Ideate For India – Creative Solution Using Technology
Final venue New Delhi
Supervised by MeitY, e-Governance department, Intel India, DoSE&L
Target applicants School students
Official website
Announcement date December 2018
Registration Start date 6th December 2018
Implementation Pan-India basis

Key features of the event

  1. Technical awareness among students – Though a lot of advancements have been made in the tech sector, more in necessary. Technical exposure and proper platforms for school students will help them to develop an aptitude for the subjects. Ideate India National Challenge has been specifically designed to create necessary awareness among school pupils.
  2. Participation of school students – The central education department has realized that it is high time to include technical awareness at school levels. The entire event has been designed to expose school students to the marvels of technology. Only school students, studying in 6th to 12th standard will be able to participate.
  3. Themes – The problems, offered by the event organizers, will belong to a specific category. The participating students will have to come up with solutions, associated with that particular theme. The event organizers have highlighted eleven different schemes for the students.
  4. Two categories of participants – Students from standards 6th to 12th will be allowed to take part in this unique event. But the applicants will be out in two separate categories. All applicants, studying in 6th to 8th standard will fall under the junior category. On the other hand, students studying in 9th to 12th standard
  5. Pan India participation – There is no upper limit to the number of applicants from each state or union territory. But for the semi final phase, organizers will pick only the top ten applications from every state and union territory. There is no restriction of any particular region for enrollment.
  6. Total number of applicants – The central government is of the opinion that the event will attract the attention of an impressive number of school students. The estimated participant number is 10 lakhs.
  7. Estimated time – To attain its participation goals, the central authority has aimed at the time span of three months.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – Eligible school students, from all Indian states and union territories will be able to apply in the Ideate India National Challenge. Thus, applicants will have to attach their residential certificates for record maintenance.
  2. Applicants personal ID – The organizing committee has highlighted the importance of the submission of identification certificates of each child. The Aadhar card will not only provide all personal details, but will also help the committee to make lodging arrangements.
  3. School students only – The organizers will only allow school students to take part in the event. Students from standard 6th to standard 12th will only be able to submit their application.
  4. Academic certificates – All applicants may have to submit their school documents. It will help the organizing committee to keep track of all schools and applicants, from each state or union territory.

How to register for the event?

  1. All interested applicants will have to log in on the official website of the event. The central government has already launched a separate portal for the enrollment process. All students have to click on the links or
  2. It will bring up the home page on the computer screen. From here, applicants will be able to start the enrollment procedure. For this, they need to click on the link that is marked as “Register.”
  3. This will trigger the site to generate the Ideate India National Challenge digital application document.
  4. Applicants need to fill in the fields with necessary details. Apart from name, address, age, they must type in the school type and name, standard and password.
  5. Once this is complete, candidates will have to click on the button that is marked as “Register.” Thus will save the application, and record the details in the database.

Core themes of the event

Events like these often throw several challenges for the participants. Ideate event also works on the same principles. Here are some of the core themes, which have been highlighted by the organizing committee:

  1. Health sector
  2. Education
  3. Environment
  4. Social Welfare
  5. Digital Literacy
  6. Women Safety
  7. Travel
  8. Physical Disability
  9. Traffic Management
  10. Agriculture
  11. Infrastructural Development

Phases of the event

Phase I – After the registration, applicants will be shown several videos. It will be the task of the applicants to access these short videos. Depending on the video, applicants will have to frame solutions, which will include the use of technology. The jury will pick ten best solution videos from each union territory and state. Only 360 students will be able to proceed to the next step.

Phase II – In this phase, the respective authority will organize area-based Tech Creation Boot Camps. The selected ten applicants, from all states and union territories will be able to take part in these boot camps. The applicants will be participating in groups. Each group will consist of only five candidates. These groups will be accompanied by their computer trainers and guardians. Participating students, their guardians and accompanying teachers need not worry about the payment of fooding and lodging expenditures. The organizing committee will take care of such requirements. Apart from guidance from the best in the field, the young candidates will be able to get their hands on advanced gadgets. All necessary items, required for the project, will be offered by the organizers.

Phase III – From the regional boot camps, the event organizers will select 50 applicants for the final phase. These selected applicants will get the chance to showcase their tech solution in front of a national audience. The final event will be organized in New Delhi. The selected candidates will receive the certificates of Tech Creation Champions for their solution.

Events like these will pave the path for better technical awareness. With this awareness, more people will try to incorporate technical mechanisms for the society’s development. It is time to drill the technical interests among young schools students. These events will bring technology and expert’s guidance within the easy access of young schools candidates. Using technical tools will better the candidates’ problem solving capabilities.

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