Indira Awas Yojana IAY

Indira Awas Yojana IAY

Among urban and rural poor, it has been seen that the former one gets more benefited than the later. Indian Government has initiated a bunch of schemes, especially housing development, for poor people, mostly urban poor. In the mid of 80s, Rajiv Gandhi has started a new yojana for the rural poor. It was named after his mother Srimati Indira Gandhi. The Indira Awas Yojana was started in the mid of 80s. According to the scheme now poor people from rural areas will get their own homes. As the scheme says people of Indian rural areas will get loan to build their own pucca house.

Indira Awas Yojana IAY

  • About the IAY

Started by then PM of India Rajiv Gandhi, the IAY is mainly made for the rural poor. The scheme is designed to give away solid housing to the people fall under poverty line in their respective villages. According to the authorities this scheme is specially launched for the backward class people who are living in a kutchha (temporary) house. With this scheme people will get a sound financial help to build their own permanent house.

  • Who will get benefitted?

The scheme is solely for the backward classes and rural poor. Many of the people got confused about the scheme as it was for the people below the poverty line. But the scheme is not for the urban poor. The urban poor are exempted from this scheme. Other people are

  • Scheduled cast and scheduled tribes, minorities, rural households under poverty line but non-SC and ST.
  • Freed bonded labours, ex-servicemen.
  • Widows and survivals from defence casualties’ family, widows/ survivals of paramilitary force that are killed in action.
  • Financial Assistance

  • As per the scheme every rural household will get up to rs. 70,000/- for those lands which are plain and there is no such difficulty to live.
  • For those lands which are not so smooth or plain to be lived in Government will pay Rs. 75,000/- per rural households.
  • Funding

Total of 100 billion rupees have been allocated for the scheme. This entire money is only for the people fall under the poverty line and lives in rural area.

  • Implementation

From 1985, there are more than 25 million homes have been built across the rural areas of the country. By the year 2005 till 2009, there are over 7 million more houses were built in other areas. After that time government of India has planned to provide more than 12 million houses throughout the other parts of the country. As the several rural surveys take place, it has been seen that still there are nearly 14.8 million houses are short in several rural areas of the country.

  • How to apply for the loan under Indira Awas Yojana IAY

To get the loan under Indira Awas Yojana one needs to fill up the application form and submit it to the village panchayet and panchayed committee should submit the forms to the district office. Once the application form along with some important documents like Aadhaar and such will be submitted and approved you will be eligible to get the loan.

  • Loan disbursement

  • The loan will be disbursed in three installments. First installment will be released at the first stage of the loan. It comes along with the sanction letter. First installment amount will be the 25% of the total loan amount.
  • Second installment will be released after some time when the construction reaches to a moderate stage. Next installment amount will be the 60% of the total loan amount that will be given to construct the building.
  • The 3rd and the last part of installment will be released when the construction reaches its final stage. The remaining 15% of the loan amount is disbursed for secured and safe sanitary system. More or less the last installment releases when the household is eligible to start living in his new house.
  • Role of Panchayet

The village panchayet has a big role to play in here. As the scheme is initiated for the rural people so it is necessary to appoint an authority in those areas to look after the monitoring and surveying across their territory. The panchayet division was appointed to take care of few things regarding the scheme.

  1. Panchayet needs to verify whether the applicant is eligible for the scheme or not.
  2. If the applicant is eligible, how much money he/she needs to build the house
  3. Whether the eligible parties are exempting from the scheme or not due to any reason.
  4. To make sure that the application forms are distributed among the eligible applicants, collected within correct time and submitted to the district office
  5. Help the households to choose proper materials that are needed for the construction.
  6. Monitoring the construction work throughout.
  7. Panchayets will need to help social audit teams in their auditing
  8. For several activities under this scheme, there must be a team of heads or a special functioning body in each village to monitor all these functions. Panchayets need to take actively part in all the actions and functions under this scheme.
  • Indira Awas Yojana – at a glance

Questions Answers
Time of launch 1985
Then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
Beneficiaries SC / ST, Widow, survivals from on duty army / paramilitary force, rural households under BPL who are non-ST / SC, economically backward classes
Funding 100 billion rupees
Implementation Till now 25 million houses were built and 12 million are planned
How to apply Through filling up an application form
Submitting form At first the form should be collected by Panchayets and is submitted to district office
Installments Three instalments – first 25%, second 60%, third and last 15%.
Monitoring By panchayets

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