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As per the latest updates from Karnataka state, the local state government has announced to launch the Kaushalya Karnataka scheme. Under the new scheme the state government has announced to offer training to the youths of the Karnataka state who are unemployed. For effective implementation of the scheme state wide the government has also announced to launch the online web portal services for completing the job registration process.

Kaushalya Karnataka Yojana Registration TP And TC Check List Download

Name Kaushalya Karnataka Yojane
Announced Date Karnataka Budget 2018
Target Audience Unemployed Youth
Portal www.kaushalkar.com
Helpline Number 080 2518 9100
Helpdesk Email ID  info@kaushalkar.com

Launched Date And Official Website

  • The new scheme to be implemented has been introduced by the state government of Karnataka for the year 2018. The state government has also launched the official website at kaushalkar.com for online enrolment of the skill training program for the candidates.
  • The government has also stated that the entire program will be organized and carried out under the Kaushalya Karnataka scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • As per the statements made by the state government the new scheme is open for any candidate who if the citizen of the state of Karnataka by birth. The government has also made it clear that the new web portal services can be used by any candidate who wants to get registered under the training program.
  • The new scheme will offer benefit to the candidate and youth of the state who is currently unemployed. According to the state government the services can be used by the candidate who belongs to any caste or category of the society and wants to take benefit of the training and skill development program.

Process to download check list for TP/TC 2018.

  • Any candidate who is willing to get registered under the skill development programs for 2018 can get registered under the official website at the link provided http://www.kaushalkar.com/registration?lang=kn from their web browser.
  • On the official website the candidate will have to look around for TP/TC check list option that is available at the top of the home page on the right side of the screen.
  • Once selected the candidates will be able to make selection of the check list to download. The official file can be downloaded in the PDF format http://www.kaushalkar.com/images/TP_TC_Checklist.pdf from the website. Once downloaded the candidates can check with the names from the list.

The state government has provided with the above mentioned implementation for candidates who are also college or school drop outs. So using the above web portal services these candidates can get registered to the skill development program and complete the training program. The government expects that over 70 percent of the candidates can get employment benefits under the program.


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