Kerala Paddy Procurement Scheme

Kerala Paddy Procurement Scheme 2017-18 – Online Registration (Procurement rates)

The Kerala Paddy Procurement Scheme will provide the farmers price procurement for their paddy crops. To avail the benefits of this scheme, the farmers will have to login online on their official website and register for the same.


Launch Details –

This scheme was launched on 12the February 2017. It is under the supervision of Kerala State civil Supplies Corporation currently. You can start registering for this scheme from 1st august 2017. The last date to register on the portal for this scheme is 20th September 2017. To register you will have to visit the official site – before the last date to avoid rush.

Key features of the Portal –

  • Under this scheme the farmers will be able to finally find a solution for their procurement. They will be secured about the prices of their crops as a minimum statutory price is given.
  • The farmers will also be able to avail the state incentive bonuses which will further help them earn profits.
  • There are 7423 farmers who have registered for this scheme already in the Kuttanad taluk. Also, there are 2542 farmers who have registered from Ambalappuzha already for this scheme.
  • There were 748 people who registered from Karthikappally taluk till Thursday. In fact, already 43000 farmers have registered and the state expects this count to rise in the coming time.
  • To ensure that the farmers can avail the benefits of this scheme without any hassle, the state has put up a portal called the Supplyco Paddy website where the farmers can register.

Banks under this scheme –

There are several banks that will provide the loans under this scheme. Although the names of all banks are not revealed, some of those banks are –

  • Bank of India
  • Canara Bank
  • Federal Bank

Procurement rates –

The procurement rates for the crops are as follows –

  • Rate of procurement of paddy: Rs. 23.30 per kg
  • Minimum Support price (MSP): Rs. 15.50 per kg
  • State Incentive Bonus (SIB): Rs. 7.80 per kg

Eligibility of the scheme –

All farmers who grow paddy in Kerala are eligible for the scheme. This scheme is exceptionally for the Keralites.

Important documents –

Some of the documents that you need to produce at the time are –

  • Land related documents: Documents that prove the size and ownership of land are important. All land related documents must be kept handy.
  • Residential proof: You have to provide a proof of your residence for this scheme. Any utility bills can work for this.
  • Aadhar card number: It is mandatory to provide the Aadhar card number. Therefore you must produce your Aadhar card details.

Apart from this, some more documents may be required based on the type of production and the amount of production of the crops that you are going for. Enquire at the local district office to know more about it.

How to register –

  • Go to their official website – This is their homepage. Here you will see various links available. You have to look for the link “Online farmer registration.”
  • This link is situated on the left hand side of the page – it will take you to another page and you will soon see an instruction form. The form will be available in Malayalam language.
  • Read the form carefully and then click on “Proceed”. There is a video – which tells you how to register. You can watch that or proceed to the next step.
  • Once you click on proceed, you will be taken to the next page where you have to choose whether you are a “Group” or an “Individual” based on your requirements. Once again, select and proceed.
  • On the next page there will be a space where you have to enter your Aadhar card number. After entering your Aadhar details you have to continue by clicking “Proceed” again.
  • A new form will pop up, called “Cultivation – Land Status”. You have to select the status of the land from the two options available – “own” and “temporary”.
  • At this page you will also find the “Sathyavangmulam” which you can download from this page with a single click for future reference.
  • After that you have to proceed further – wherein a new page will open. On this page you will see a long list of fields to fill up such as father’s name, postal address, total land holding area, taluka, village, etc.
  • Fill them up and complete your registration. Once you submit all the details, your registration shall have been completed successfully.

After the forms are submitted they will be used as sheets. These Paddy Registration Sheets (PRS) will then be handed over to the farmers. Using these PRS, the farmers will be able to get loans from major banks like Bank of India, Canara Bank, etc.

Soon the state shall make arrangements to disburse the prices to the farmers of the state. The farmers will be able to get the money from the different banks based on their production.  This will also help those farmers who have found it difficult to continue farming due to monetary deficit. However, unlike the past, there is no unduly delay in the procurement prices this time.

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