Latest Taj Mahal Visiting Tickets Price And Timings

Price And Time of Taj Mahal Visiting Tickets @ Rs 50

India has several gems, which have captivates the attention of international tourists since ancient times. The most popular architectural wonder that has cemented its place in the list of Seven Wonders of the World is the Taj Mahal. It is the sign of a king’s undying love for his beloved queen. The white marble mausoleum brings people from all over the world. To get the best experience while you are visiting the Taj you need to acquire all details about the timings, ticket fare and online ticket booking facility.

Taj Mahal Visiting Hours

People can enter the Taj Mahal complex on all working days. Tourists are allowed to enter the complex when the sun rises in the east. Tourists will be allowed to enter the area and enjoy its magnificence till sunset. The place only remains closed during every Friday. On this particular day, Taj Mahal authority permits only Muslims to enter the area as they arrive at the Taj Mosque and pray.

Purchase Tickets from Outlets

There are three entry gates and there is a ticket counter at each of these gates. The domestic and international tourists need to line up in different queues to enter the Taj complex. Though one can purchase a ticket from each entry point, there is a specific operation time.

  1. Western Gate – The counter that is located near the western gate starts to offer tickets during the wee hours of sunrise and continues to do so till the sun goes down.
  2. Eastern Gate – All tourists who desire to enter the Taj complex through the Easter gate cab purchase the tickets from the respective counter. Here, tickets are available from the sunrise right till the sunset.
  3. Southern Gate – At the ticket counter that is located at this gate, the tourists can purchase tickets starting from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening. After that, the counter ceases to operate.

Recent alteration in rules

From the 1st of Feb, 2018, the central government and the Uttar Pradesh authority have jointly decided that there will be a hike in the entrance charges. Earlier, the authorities charged only Rs. 40 for all Indians. This ticket gave access to the complex and the main building as well. But now, the entrance fee will be Rs. 50. If any individual desires to enter the main mausoleum, he/she needs to pay an additional Rs. 200. Another change is that the entrance fee of Rs. 50 will allow the candidates to spend no more than three hours inside the complex. In case you desire to spend more time, you need to make some extra payment. The paper tickets will be replaced modern barcode enabled passes.

Price of the Entry Tickets 2018

  1. For domestic tourists – All local residents and other citizens of India will have to pay Rs. 50 for each ticket. Both adults and children need to pay the same amount to enter the Taj complex.
  2. Citizens of other nations – Apart from the above mentioned nations, citizens of any other nation will have to shell out as much as Rs. 1250 to take a closer look at this beautiful and breathtaking architectural wonder.
  3. Free entry for all children – The Taj Mahal authority grants free entry to all children who have not completed the age of 15 years. The same rule applies for national as well as international visitors.
  4. Main Mausoleum – For visiting main mausoleum, fare would be 200 each. It would be applicable from April 1st 2018.
Indian 50 Rs
Foreigner 1250 Rs
Main Mausoleum 200 Rs
Friday Closed

Reasons for these changes

The NEERI or the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute concluded that the interior of the monument was unable to tolerate the load of so many tourists. It was not possible for the government to prescribe a limit to the number of visitors who will be allowed access. The hike in ticket fee will keep away people who lack genuine interest in observing the intricate detailing. It will lower the total footfall, and will allow the authority to take care of this one of a kind monument better. All these announcements were officially made by the Minister of Culture, Mr. Mahesh Sharma.

An interesting announcement

Another announcement that comes as a pleasant surprise for all Taj Mahal enthusiasts is that hence forth they will be allowed to view their favorite Taj Mahal, on full moon nights and otherwise, from another tourist spot that is located on the opposite side of Yamuna River. The government has declared that it will soon start work on the renovation of Shahjahan’s Mehtab Bagh. Once the work is complete, tourists will be able to book tickets for this spot and enjoy the breathtaking view of Taj Mahal on moonlit nights.

Pre-book Tickets from online portals

Thanks to online ticket booking facilities, both national as well as international travelers will no longer have to wait in long queues to purchase the entry pass to marvel at the beauty of this famous architectural wonder. Any individual who desires to acquire detailed information about this monument or book e-tickets need to check out the official site at One can buy e-tickets not only for entering the Taj Mahal premises, but also to book a pass to visit Humayun’s Tomb.

Help Desk

1 Official Numbers 0562-2226431 10 AM- 05PM
2 Police Station 9454402764
3 Helpline 0562-2421204
4 ID 6.30AM-9.30PM


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