Lift irrigation in Madhya Pradesh Scheme

Lift irrigation in Madhya Pradesh Scheme

Madhya Pradesh is an Indian state located right at the center of it. The capital of MP is Bhopal and the largest city of the state is Indore. Nearly 75 billion people live in this state and majority of population lives in rural areas. It is good 74.8% of 75 million.  It is surrounded by states like Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Reports have stated that 49% of land here is cultivable.

MP and agriculture

As mentioned above, indeed the land here is very good for cultivation, this means, a wide variety of produce can be cultivated here. For the state, agriculture is the backbone. Nearly 65-70 percent of the incomes earned in the state are through agriculture. This makes it the highest employing sector of the state.

There was a time when things were not right for the state for agricultural activities. Ever since improved technology has been introduced to this sector, things have become better for the citizens here. This has given farming here a boost of 43% in terms of production of cereals. Pulses too grew by 54%. Various other sources have indeed seen better times. If slight attention can show brilliant results, you yourself may imagine, better schemes and methodology will only encourage the sector.

What is lift irrigation?

In this process, water is brought to the land with the help of equipments like pumps. This is usually applied at places where the water level is lower and it is real tough to irrigate the farms. At Madhya Pradesh, canals and dams have really been a great help. Moves are constantly taken and measures are introduced for better ways of irrigation because water is scarce in Madhya Pradesh. For the best example, Maharashtra, here lift irrigation is already practiced.

Benefits of lift irrigation

Lift irrigation is very helpful for the land where water is scarce. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:-

  • States like MP and many others had real challenge irrigating their farms. At higher levels, irrigation is a challenge. Lift irrigation has been a boon here.
  • Since water for irrigating farms was less, people were not enthusiastically engaged in agriculture and farming. Lift irrigation encouraged many to take up agriculture.
  • While pumping water pumps are used. Also, since the people know the ways water is arranged in MP, it is used efficiently as well. This means least loss of water.
  • There is use of technology at every turn. Yes its decreases the probability of employment but automation is good for the entire process.

Lift irrigation in MP

Agriculture was not very happening in MP. Though the state is blessed with best of soil for various crops, yet, people were not engaged into farming much. The primary reason was the sources with which lands were irrigated. They were obsolete and discouraged many. With the advent in technology and initiatives taken by the government here, people are taking farming seriously. In a recent announcement Chief Minister declared that there will be provision of additional facilities for irrigating area of nearly 13 lakh hectares. The main source is expected to be lift irrigation.

There will also be a subsidy of Rs. 26000 on 5 hp water power pumps which farmers use for farming. The entire scheme will cost around Rs. 350 crore. It was clearly mentioned in the announcement that nearly 5.50 lakh hectare of land, in MP, is currently irrigated through Narmada river, since more than a decade. In addition to farms, water is supplied to 16 different districts and for industrial use, from Narmada River only.

For lift irrigation the primary location is Khargone district. This will boost farming here. The main aim is reiterated by almost all the reports, is only to encourage people to indulge themselves into farming and agricultural practices. If the farmers make correct use of the facilities provided by the center and the state government, it is will be very good for the nation as a whole.

Chief Minister also said that by 2022, every poor of MP will have a house of their own.

The time taken, for this project to complete, is expected to be 30 months. Nearly 60000 people belonging to 92 different villages are expected to benefit from the scheme.

Micro irrigation

Micro irrigation can also be termed as drip irrigation. It comes into picture once water is made available, ref: lift irrigation. It will prevent any sort of water wastage and is an effective mean to irrigate farms. It is considered to be better than sprinklers but each method has a different purpose to serve.


IT takes real conscious analysis of conditions in different states and immense amounts of funds to introduce latest technology in different sectors. Since India is primarily an agricultural country, several efforts are being taken to better the same.

MP has been taking the responsibility as duly as Rajasthan. Sprinklers are very helpful in irrigating the lands. Introduction of micro irrigation may benefit the sector a lot as well. Yes, funds are needed and arranging them is a real challenge, but somewhere first step has to be taken.

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