Free Sewing Machine & Solar Lanterns Scheme for Women Labourers in Haryana

Free Sewing Machine & Solar Lanterns Scheme for Women Labourers in Haryana

As per government approximation, India had about 30 million people who are living under the poverty level. They even cannot complete their basic requirement. And condition of women is worse. They are totally dependent on men’s for their living. In Haryana this condition is even worse.

Free Sewing Machine & Solar Lanterns Scheme for Women Labourers in Haryana

Motive behind launching these schemes

  • To improve condition of women in the state Haryana, government has announced different schemes for their wellbeing. Chief Minister has already provided different facilities and services to the poor people of Haryana. Haryana government has started different schemes for women empowerment, girl child save, students, old people, widows, and poor people of the state.
  • To improve condition of women in state Chief Minister of Haryana has started new project for women. This scheme is started to make the poor women self dependent and mange some employment for them by mean of this scheme. This scheme is called Sewing Machine Scheme for poor women
  • If poor women get some employment then this work will offer the some happy moment in their life and profits that come out will free them from poverty. But buying a Sewing machine is out of their reach.

Free Sewing Machine Scheme

The Chief Minister of Haryana wants to improve condition of rural area. Under this he decided to provide sewing machines to the Rural Women so that they can be earn some money for them and get better monetary Standard of their families. With this income, they can come out of poverty and can able to send their children to school.

By all this they will get rid of their deficiency. They will set examples of winning entrepreneurs in front of all the women & Girls. Around 50k sewing machines will be distrusted for free under this scheme.

Free Solar Lantern Scheme

In spite of the Sewing Machine village women will also Solar Lantern. These Solar Lanterns will provide to women who belong to rural area and electricity has not reached yet in their area. The lanterns offered at free of cost would light up the houses where there is electricity facility so far.

The assessment by the CM of Haryana to provide lanterns to the poor rural women is a welcome step that is taken by the government.

This plan would assist in decreasing the number of school leave rate of the girls. Also it will assist in achievement of growth Goals by mean of women’s education and empowerment. This scheme will also help in achievement of the environment friendly approach. And certainly help to improve health condition of girls by switching from kerosene stoves to solar lantern light.

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