2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule, Winner, Points Table

2019 ICC World Cup: India to Open Campaign versus South Africa on June 5

As per the latest updates from the ICC the Country shall be playing its first match for the 2019 season on 5th June 2019. The announcement was officially made by the ICC as dates have been changed from 2nd June to 5th June 2019. The match would now be played against South Africa team. The decision has been officially taken by the BCCI such that a 15 day gap period is maintained between International and IPL events.

Announcement details

The new announcements were officially made by the Lodha Committee and its recommendations. The new recommendations were officially taken by the committee at the time of meetings held between ICC chief executives in Kolkata when 5 day ICC events were in progress.

Key features

  • As per the new recommendations made India is expected to be one of the most favorite teams for the events after the leading win in 2015 semi-final events and 2011 World Cup events against other teams.
  • It is also expected that for the upcoming events India is expected to play against Pakistan in Manchester on 16th June 2018. The sources have also stated that the match against Pakistan is one of the hottest game play with most seats for the event already sold out.
  • This was also the case at the time of Indo-Pak cricket match in 2015 and 2017 World Cup and Champions Trophy in UK and Australia.
  • The committee has also made it very clear that for the first time there will not be any talks or controversies at the time of Indo-Pak cricket match. The coming event will focus more on each team to compete against every other team like the conditions during 1992 to avoid controversies.

Event details

  • The match between the competing ten teams is expected to begin by 2019 30th May to 14th The match has been scheduled to be carried out in various locations in UK (Whales and England).
  • The teams are all expected to play over 48 matches in all and 45 are expected to be played within the groups in each category.
  • It is also expected that within each group over nine matches will be played and the teams arriving at the top four level will be meeting again at the knock out match. The same was repeated at the World Cup in Boston in 1992.
  • The ECB was awarded with the honor of hosting the 2019 World Cup as it managed to withdraw the 2015 World Cup events. It is also obvious that England has been hosting the World cup events only after 1999 for the first time since 75, 79 and 83 matches.

It is obvious that within this event India is also expected to play at least 309 matches in International cricket events. The nation will also be playing only 15 test matches as compared to 19 for qualifying. Apart from this India will also not be a part of the Day and night match. So the nation will only be enjoying Red cricket ball game play from now onwards.

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