Lucknow Development authority to rent out 1000 LIG’s flats to migrant workers

Lucknow Development authority to rent out 1000 LIG’s flats to migrant workers 2020 (Eligibility, Online form process)

Lucknow Development Authority has promised to offer LIG flats to the migrant workers returning to the state. The main aim is to offer the flats as the workers are rendered jobless on account of lockdown. Some minimal rental charges will be applied for which the workers will be given the flats. This initiative has been taken by the development authority of the state to improve the living condition of the migrant workers. Read on to know more about the details of the development of the flats for the workers. 

Lucknow Development authority flats migrant worker

Details for offering rental flats

Initiative has been taken by

Lucknow Development Authority

Number of flats to be constructed

1000 flats

Target group of the rental system

Migrant workers

Total area for flat construction

27 square feet area

Cost of each flat

Rupees 6 lakhs

Rental charges to be paid

Rupees 1200 monthly

Flats will be constructed in area

Mohanlalganj, Sarojininagar and Sadar

Features of the initiative taken by Lucknow development authority

  • Target group of the flat distribution – The main target group for flat distribution are the migrant workers who were stranded in different states.
  • Main objective – The main focus is to offer rental flats at a lower rate to the workers who have returned to Lucknow after lockdown. As they are jobless, the houses can help them improve their condition.
  • Number of beneficiaries for flat distribution – As per officials at Lucknow development authority, a total of 1600 allotters will be offered flat possession by the end of July.
  • Initiative has been taken by –The initiative has been taken by chief engineer InduShekhar of Lucknow development authority.
  • Other initiatives – The LDA has opted for maintenance of 120 parks in Lucknow, and the work has started as has been promised by the chairman of LDA. Also, the Rashtriya Prerna Sthal and other projects suspended due to lockdown will be resumed from 20th
  • Initial costing of the project – As per rough estimation, a total of rupees 125 crores have been sanctioned by state officials for the building of the 1000 LIG flats.

Eligibility criteria to get the flats

  • Residential proof – As the initiative has been taken by Lucknow development authority, only the migrant workers who are permanent residents of the state are eligible.
  • Identification – The workers need to produce suitable certificate to justify their identification at the time of registration for the rental flats. It shall also help to know the number of family members of the workers.
  • Income proof – The flats will be given as workers are rendered jobless due to the pandemic. So, they need to produce their income certificate for the scrutiny that they have lost their jobs. Also, if they are having some present source of income, they should produce relevant documents of the same.

Documents required for the flats

  • Income certificate – Suitable income details should be produced if migrant labor wishes to get the flats offered at lower rent from the state development authority. They have to justify their claim that they have lost their jobs.
  • Identification proof – As suitable identification details, the candidates have to offer Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card and the like. This shall help to know about identification proof of the candidate. Also, it can help determine the number of members of the migrant workers’ family.
  • Residential details –The flat rental service is only available for the migrants who are the permanent residents of Lucknow. However, migrants from other states are not eligible to avail of the benefits.

Online Form Process

Therefore, as this initiative is a newly launched one, the online procedure for registration is yet to be declared by the state government. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first to know about it. They can visit the official portal of the project to gather relevant information about it and stay updated.

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