Mahila Awas Yojana

Mahila Awas Yojana

As the name suggest, this scheme for the housing needs and housing development of the women of this country. This is one step for reaching the goal of empowering the women of this nation by providing them support, socially, politically and economically. This scheme not only aims to provide housing to the women, but also is aimed to nurture their hidden talents and making them independent and empowered. Women should not get confined inside the four walls of the house. They also have so much to give to the society, by their skills and talents. So the Govt. has launched this housing scheme so that they will get easy housing facilities as well as they can use their skills to become financially independent.

Mahila Awas Yojana

  • Housing for women with all basic necessities

Under this housing scheme, the women who will register for flats will also get several add on facilities along with the housing. These residences will be equipped with advanced security measures which will be there 24*7. There will be facilities such as gym, common recreation hall, health and wellness clinics, yoga centres, etc. For easy transportation, these residences will have shuttle services also to provide transportation to banks, railway stations, super markets, etc. Under this scheme, the flats will only be registered under the ownership of women.

  • Housing at affordable prices

The rates of the housing plans that are coming up under this housing scheme for women are very affordable.  The women of the nation can now have the flats owned and registered under their name very easily. To participate in this scheme, there is a token registration amount that needs to be paid at first. By paying Rs. 11,000 only, they can now book a flat under this housing scheme for women. The Govt. has also brought some easy facilities of having low interest housing loans for buying these flats. These loans will be arranged by some big banks and financial institutions like India Bulls, Axis Bank, PNB Housing Finance, Andhra Bank, etc. These housing loans especially designed for women will have easy repayment EMIs and the tenure of paying back the loan amount will be longer.

  • What are the areas where the women may work and earn?

All women have some special talents and skills hidden inside them. These talents get unnoticed when they stay confined inside their homes doing only house work. The govt. has decided to nurture their talents so that they can stand up on their own feet and have their own identity in the society. There are several areas where they can enhance their skills and also, they can earn a living out of them. They can open up cookery classes, provide tuitions to children, teach swimming, practice nursing, provide beautician services, taking classes on music and dance, practicing interior designing, teach yoga or martial arts, etc. They can also open up crèches in their houses and practice child care and earn money.

  • Ongoing projects of Mahila Awas Yojana

The Govt. has already announced that this scheme to provide housing and nurturing their talents will be spread all across the country, in both urban and rural areas. Two projects for residences under the Mahila Awas scheme has already being developed and the bookings for these flats are going on. The housing schemes under this project are being developed in Greater Noida (West) and Ghaziabad Rajnagar Extension. Several other cities will soon come up with projects like this to provide easy housing to the women and empowering them in the society.

  • Some important data about Mahila Awas Yojana:

Sl. No. Scheme Attribues Related Data
1 Name of Scheme Mahila Awas Yojana
2 Area of project implementation Housing development
3 Nature of beneficiaries Women
4 Locations of Ongoing Projects Ghaziabad , Greater Noida
5 Registration fee Rs. 11,000
6 Housing loans Available
7 Talent development fields Cookery, yoga, teaching, crèche, music, etc.

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