UDAN Yojana | Cheap Airfare Scheme @ RS 2500

UDAN Yojana | Cheap Airfare Scheme @ RS 2500

In this modern age everyone likes travel by air but it is still a costly travelling way and everyone cannot afford this. Even it is very hard for middle class to arrange air travel for them. They just think it as dream. But friends need not to worry. govt think about you. If you dream to take air travel then it will not dream for you. You can take air travel just in Rs 2500. Which I think everyone pocket can allow.

UDAN Yojana

S.No Things Need to Know About UDAN Yojana Detailed Information
1 Name UDAN Yojana
2 Expansion of UDAN Udey Deshka Aam Nagrik
3 Person who launched UDAN scheme Uddyan Mantri, Mr. Ashok Gajpati Raju
4 Date of Launch Oct 2016
5 Benefits Reduced Fare for Domestic Air Travel
6 Date from which Benefits of UDAN can be availed 01 Jan 2017
7 Number of Seats reserved in Flights under this UDAN Scheme 50%
8 Maximum Price can be fixed by air service provider under this scheme Rs. 2,500 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Hello Dear Friends Indian Government has started a new scheme named by UDAN yojana which is for the people who want to do air travel but cannot afford the high air rents. I understand that after reading this you will be keen to know about this Yojana, you must want to know what this UDAN scheme is and what are the benefits of it’s for middle class families. This article is devoted to offer you full detail regarding this scheme. Let’s find out the whole thing that is there to be familiar with regarding this newly released cheap air rent scheme.

What is UDAN Yojana

Friends, we all are familiar with that travelling by air is very luxurious. In actual fact we have for all time considered travelling via plane to be the routine of rich people only and middle class families cannot afford it. But at the present time things are going to change, Indian government has start on new scheme, UDAN Yojana. As the name suggests UDAN, govt is trying to make possible that UDAN is possible for everyone. This scheme will make certain that travelling by air is reasonably priced for all now it is not habit of rich people only. Now you can do air travel just in RS 2500. Which is very less compare to air fare given by other private air company? So if have to going make any trip by means of air that is not going to take 1 hour, the utmost cost that you have to pay will be Rs. 2500. This scheme will apply in January

Benefits of Govt’s UDAN Yojanaa

  • UDAN Yojana one of the promising and high featured schemes by which common man from the nation can able to utilize the benefits of Air Travel.
  • With the launch of the UDAN yojana now the domestic air travel prices are slashed and the maximum price for local air travel would be on fixed level of Rs. 2,500 which also includes all taxes in it.

Features & reimbursement of UDAN Scheme – inexpensive Airfare Scheme

  • Also passenger will not suffer any kind of problem because 50 % seats are will be reserved under UDAN Scheme for the passenger who want to use this scheme
  • Approximate 50 Indian Airports will be improved to implement this scheme so that customer will not face any kind of problem on air ports.
  • Because of less fare more and more people will prefer to travel by air, so this scheme will carry more travelers to different Airlines and will finally benefit the people.
  • This scheme will give confidence the appointment of domestic passengers that journey by air. It is to be noted that the figures show that the lately there has been high raise in traveler in September.
  • Though, the central government of India announced the launch of UDAN Yojana, the proper implementation of the yojana will be done by the January of 2017. Afterwards people can able to enjoy the local air travel for cheap rates.

What will Passengers Do to take the benefit?

To take benefit of this scheme passenger need not to do any extra work. They need not to fill any kind of application and need not to show any kind of document. This scheme is applicable to all the Indian. Everyone can enjoy this scheme. There is no registration process because it will be implementing countrywide for all people. This scheme has been start on by the government itself.

Official Notification of UDAN (Cheap Airfare) Scheme

The concerned minister Mr. Ashok Gajpati Raju has knowledgeable the media that the official notification concerning this UDAN Yojana will be released soon and it will implement in stating of next year. So this will be New Year gift for middle class family from govt side.

Note – As soon as the notification is made accessible, you will be capable to download the ticket from the govt website. So be ready to take pleasure of one more scheme of govt.


Experts from all over the nation believe that the implementation of UDAN yojana was mainly to focus the growth of domestic air travel among the Indian citizen.  On considering the features and functions which are proposed under this UDAN yojana, if it’s implemented on right motive surely it will get succeed.

Government tweaking certain conditions to make this scheme more attractive.

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