Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana MP

Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana MP Online Registration (मुख्यमंत्री सोलर पंप योजना)

Chief Minister (Madhya Pradesh) Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan under the leadership of Modi Government has announced the launching of PM’s Solar Pump Yojana for the farmers in Madya Pradesh state. Under this scheme it has been announced that the farmers in the state will be entitled to receive subsidy when purchasing Solar pumps by the government. As the scheme is launched by Modi government for farmers in the state, so it is certain that farmers will get complete benefit under the state and central government leadership.

Mukhyamantri Solar Pump Yojana MP

The scheme was launched for the farmers through the online service for effective implementation. Apart from this the scheme also aims to offer full benefit under the subsidy offered for the farmers.

Important Dates of Implementation

  • It is certain that the application form for registration for the scheme is available online on the official website. Farmers can get registered for the scheme online starting from April 15th The sources have set the last date for registration under the scheme by May 15th 2017.
  • Apart from this, the launching of the Yojana was done by the CM officially in a cabinet meeting under the set Budget 2016-17 by the state government.

All the important Features

  • Subsidy Amount – Under the scheme the government has set the budget of Rs 76 crore as subsidy amount that it shall be offering to the farmers. This amount will be offered for the installation of the solar pumps under the scheme in the state. The government has also decided to offer 90 percent subsidy to the farmers under this scheme. The state government has also announced that it shall be investing around Rs 7900 crore for the companies responsible for distributing the solar pumps in the state.
  • Power Consumption – It is certain that the government aims to provide solar pumps under the scheme for areas that require pumping more volumes of water. The average power consumption should exceed around 1500 units (per SP) in the area.
  • ST/SC Benefit – Under this scheme it is certain that farmers belonging to SC and ST category will be entitled to get around 5 hours free electricity supply daily. Apart from this 90 percent grant in the form of subsidy will be given by the state government.
  • Area would be covered – Under the scheme it is certain that the benefit will only be offered for any irrigational land that is away from the source of electricity supply by minimum 300 meters. This means that if farmers want to take the benefit of this scheme then their farm land should not have any source of electricity supply within the 300 meters range distance. Apart from this benefit will also be provided to any farm land that is located near the water source and requires pumping water in large volume daily.
  • Annual amount to be paid by the farmers – Under the scheme launched by Pm Narendra Modi in the state of MP it is certain that subsidy amount will be provided to the farmers. It is also certain that farmers registering under this scheme will have to invest only Rs 14,000 per annum to get its full benefit by the government.

Eligibility Criteria

It is certain that the scheme is open for all farmers in the state. But still according to the recommendations in the scheme there are certain eligibility criteria’s that farmers need to meet in order to get its benefit. Farmers should own a farm land that should not be present around 300 meters nearby to any electricity source.

Apart from this farmers belonging to special categories (SC/ ST/ BC) are also eligible for the scheme. The scheme is also open for specialized categories and groups or clusters of farmers who want to take the benefit of this scheme. Any farmer or groups who use more than 1500 Units per SP can also make use of this scheme to get cheaper source of electricity for irrigation.

Documents Required

For Sc/ST/BC category farmers, if eligible then it is important that they have to submit their caste certificate. It is certain that any documents can be added depending on your caste category. To be eligible and get the benefit of the scheme you may have to submit your caste documents.

Application Form and Official Website Details

It is certain that the scheme has been launched officially by the centre and state government. Farmers who want to get the benefit of this scheme can easily log on to the official website on and

One main benefit of launching the scheme through official website is that government can ensure more number of farmers can get the benefit. The web portal offers with a simple application form for registration under the scheme. Farmers need to get registered through the web portal before 15th May.

To get registered you just have to log on to the official website and fill in the details on the form and submit it. The process of submission of valid documents can also be done using this web portal.

How to apply

  • To apply online you have to first log on to the official website using the link provided above. This will ensure that you are directed to the right web page to get started with the process of registration.
  • When you are on the home page you have to select clicking Avedan Kare link provided. The moment you click ok you shall be redirected towards the Application form page.
  • All important details have to be filled by the candidate. This includes filling your personal information like Name, Address, and Bank details.
  • Apart from this you also have to provide with details of the valid documents you are submitting for identification for the registration under the scheme. Once you have completed the process you just have to click the submit option.

State government contributions

Under the scheme the state government has already announced that it shall be investing around RS 76 crore towards providing the subsidy to the farmers for purchasing solar pumps. Apart from this government has also declared that it is willing to make an investment of Rs seven thousand nine hundred crore. This amount shall be used by the government to pay the distributors for distributing solar pumps to various areas in the state.

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