Incentive for onion and garlic cultivators under Mukhayamantri Krishak Samraddhi (Samriddhi) Yojana Madhya Pradesh

Mukhayamantri Krishak Samraddhi (Samriddhi) Yojana Farmers Madhya Pradesh Incentives for Wheat and Chana farmers

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has announced to launch the new Mukhyamantri Krishak Samraddhi (Samridhi) Yojana state wide. The new scheme has been implemented by the state government such that the productivity of the crops can be increased and maintained. The new scheme will ensure that the productivity is maintained for crops like lentils, wheat, paddy, and mustard. Apart from this the new scheme will also focus on maintaining the better and improved crop quality in terms of production.

Mukhayamantri Krishak Samraddhi Yojana Madhya Pradesh

Launch details

The new Mukhyamantri Krishak Samraddhi Scheme has been announced for implementation by the state government for implementation for state farmers for fiscal year 2017-18. The incentives will be covered for 2016-17 Rabi season for the farmers.

Key Features

  • One of the main salient features of implementing the new scheme is that it is beneficial for maintaining fair quality for crops at the time of production. To make the implementation more effective, the government will deposit an amount of Rs 200 for each Quintal in the farmer bank account.
  • The amount deposited can be used by the farmers for Paddy procurement and Wheat procurement in 2016 Rabi season. The farmer can make use of this amount for procuring price below MSP via corporative societies.
  • Under the scheme the government has also mentioned that an amount of Rs 265 will be deposited in the farmer bank account for Wheat Procurement for MSP for 2017-18 Rabi season (till 10 June) . The amount will be deposited between 10 April to 9 June 2018 in farmer bank account, against the sales made.
  • The government will also make a deposit of Rs 100 encourage amount each quintal above MSP for procurement of mustard, red lentils and grams. The amount will be deposited in the account during Rabi season (10 April to 9 June).
  • The state government has also given out notifications to the all government and agricultural department and officials. The written notifications from the Farmers welfare and agricultural department have been issued to the directives.
  • The state government has also ensured to include District Panchayat members, Cooperative bank officials, CEO’s, Cooperative societies, Additional Collector Revenues department and others as members under the scheme for implementation.
  • Under the scheme it is also obvious that the benefit will directly be availed to the farmers whether they sell their produce in Mandi at below or above MSP. The department will collect all set of information related to MSP directly once the procurement has been made for Kharif 2017 and Rabi 2016-17 seasons.
  • The database will then be verified for authentication and incentive will be calculated at the rate of Rs 200 for each quintal and then disbursed to each district.
  • The database will also be verified by the Collector of each district for authentication under the committee. Once verified the incentive will directly be deposited in the farmers bank account. A SMS will then be forwarded to each farmer registered under the scheme.
  • If any dispute is faced then the committee will perform a verification of the dispute and deposit the amount in the bank account after 15 days from dispute.

MP Mukhyamantri Krishak Samridhi Yojana – Incentives for Farmers

The Madhya Pradesh state government has announced to offer incentives to the farmers so they can be encouraged for yielding better agricultural produce.

  1. Wheat Crop selling Incentives – The government has announced to offer a price of Rs 265 for every quintal of wheat that will be sold by the farmers in the Mandi between 15th March to 26th May 2018. The money will also be transferred in farmers bank account directly till June 10th To take the benefit, the farmers will have to produce below mentioned documents on or before May 26th 2018. The documents have to be submitted at the Mandi.
  • The farmer has to submit a copy of the Uparjan or Acquirement registration receipt at the Mandi. Apart from this he is also expected to submit a copy of Aadhar card details along with the copy of sales made for selling wheat stating the quality of the wheat sold.
  1. Sarso, Masoor and Chana selling incentives – Farmers who have sold the Sarso, Masoor and Chana in the Mandi will get an incentive of Rs 100 for each quintal sold between April 10th to June 9th The money will directly be transferred in the farmers bank account by June month 2018. The documents have to be submitted by the farmer at the Mandi by or before June 9th 2018.
  • Farmers are expected to submit a copy of the Uparjan or Registration receipt copies along with the details of the Aadhar card and sales receipt for Chana, Masoor and Sarso stating the quality of produce sold.

It is also expected that the benefit will be offered to the state farmers. The government will provide with right price for the produce sold in the Mandi. This will encourage the farmers so they will yield better quantity of produce at the farm lands coming year. It will also ensure that the quantity of food crop in the state is sufficient to meet the needs of the rising demand and improve the standard of living for the farmers.

With the implementation of the above mentioned scheme it is obvious that the state government aims at offering benefit to the farmers for their crops so they don’t have to face loss on account of MSP.

Update –


The Council of Ministers has taken the decision that all onion and garlic farmers will receive incentive from the government. The decision states that till 30th June this year, onion growers will receive Rs. 400 for every quintal of produce and garlic cultivators will receive Rs. 800 as incentive for each quintal from the government, under Krishak Samridhi Yojana.

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