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Ganga Kalyana Scheme Karnataka 

Launch Details

The scheme was officially launched in the year 2017. The Karnataka Minor Development Corporation Limited has launched the facility. This is the second year of the scheme and beneficiaries are invited by the KMDC to submit their application for the scheme.

Key Features

  • Aim: The scheme aims to provide irrigation facility to the small farmers who are unable to get water resource in their land. The scheme is mainly started for marginal and small farmers who belong to minority, OBC and ST/SC categories.
  • Benefits: The scheme would provide proper water supply to the dry lands. Farmers who are small or marginal will get water resources from the government. It will be either bore-well or open well or lift irrigation system that will be provided to the beneficiaries.
  • Implementation: The state will provide water resources to the farmers through pipelines or permanent water bodies. If there is not any river, pond or any such permanent water body then an open well will be constructed to provide water supply. These wells will be built in supervision of geologists.
  • Financial Assistance: The state government will provide financial assistance to the farmers to build the Borewell and open wells in suitable land. This financial Help will be provided by the KDMC.
  • Budget: To make this scheme implement, mainly the construction cost of wells and irrigation system, the state government of Karnataka has set a budget of Rs. 1.5 Lac per beneficiary.

Eligibility – For Lift Irrigation Facility

  • Citizens: The beneficiaries have to be the permanent citizen of Karnataka. Any migrant or non-residential will not be able to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • Categories: The farmers must belong to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Other Backward Classes or Minority category. Apart from that the farmers must be small or marginal farmers to get the benefits from the scheme.
  • Annual Income: Annual income of the family of beneficiaries will be Rs. 22, 000/ per year. Anyone earning more than that in a year would not be eligible for the scheme.
  • Land Holding: Farmers, who have less than 5 acres of land holding with 7 minority family members are associated with the land, will get lift irrigation facility under this Ganga Kalyana Scheme in Karnataka.

For Bore-well Facility

  • The eligibility criteria for the individual bore-well or open well will be same as the Lift Irrigation facility. Farmers who own minimum 2 acres and maximum 5 acres of land and no nearby permanent water supply will get one well from the state.
  • In case of construction of borewells, KDMC will supervise the construction and maintenance of the wells. After 5 years, consumer cooperatives will supervise the work of such wells with pumps and other types of wells under the scheme.

Online Application Form Download

The forms for the scheme are available online. The beneficiaries can go to the official website of the scheme http://kmdc.karnataka.gov.in to get the forms. Or they can directly click on the link http://kmdc.karnataka.gov.in/assets/downloads/comm_application_form_12062017.pdf   to download the form and the format. For more Details click here http://kmdc.karnataka.gov.in/application-forms 

Selection Process

All the beneficiaries are required to submit the filled up forms to the District Magistrate of their respective districts. After verification by the District Magistrate, the forms will be transferred to the Taluk Committee. The Taluk Committees are led by the MLAs of the concerned areas. Further the selected applications will be transferred to the concerning department for further process.

The scheme will help the farmers to get proper and non-stop water resources in their lands. Hence they are losing their agricultural produce. This scheme will not only help them to grow their production but also will be encouraging for agricultural promotion in the state.

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