Mukhya Mantri Dal Bhat Yojana in Jharkhand

Mukhya Mantri Dal Bhat Yojana Scheme in Jharkhand

Food is the main commodity for many poor people. They are unable to get it due to our poor economic condition in the country. This scheme was mainly implemented to provide food to such poor people at an affordable price. The dhal bhat and sabji will be provided at Rs.5 per plate at the most important places where many people gather such as railway stations, bus stands and also even at many public places. This is mainly provided to the BPL (Below Poverty Line) families.


The main motive of this scheme is provide complete hygienic and nutritious food to the people who are at the below poverty line. This scheme is to provide better living related to health in all aspects to the people. The food is provided twice in this scheme to the people daily. Rajendra Medical Institute of Sciences introduced this scheme and this is the main place where many people used to come, stay and take all types of medical facilities. Our country is developing and many people accept that it has certain standards to not helpful in its development and growth.

Mukhya Mantri Dal Bhat Yojana Scheme:

Poverty is one of the most important concerns which make our country to stop its development. Both the central and state government has to introduce lots of schemes to avoid this poverty and it has to be eradicated properly. It is not at all a very easy task to remove the poverty by a single step. There are numerous aspects to be considered for eliminating the poverty and certain attempts have to be taken for removing it from our country.

Tackle to solve the food problem for the poor’s

The most important reasons for many to not take their proper food is that they do not able to get the raw materials for food at an affordable price and also no place to cook food. It is very much complicated for the government to tackle such issues. Since our government is providing accommodation through various schemes to the people, many people could not able to afford such thing due to not proper stay in one place.

Implementation of Scheme in Jharkhand:

Many low cost hotels have been implemented in Jharkhand for the poor people at an affordable price. It was first initiated by the Jharkhand CM during the year 2011. These hotels were opened in many places of that state and they have performed very well especially at the launch. For some months, lot of crisis has been seen and these were closed due to the nonpayment of salaries to the employees who work for it.

Scheme gets restarted

The Meal Scheme has implemented in various states of India in a grand successful manner. Jharkhand is also again going to implement this scheme once again without any issues by this year. It will be re launched this year to provide the best food for the people with better quality and taste with cheapest rate. They are very much sure that the government will start this scheme this year without any issues or wrongness.

Features of the Scheme:

  • The Jharkhand state government not only provides the food for namesake. They provide the food for improve the country and also to avoid the poverty from the country.
  • Each and every member of the BPL family can get the food at the rate of Rs.5 and this is such an excellent scheme to be implemented in all states of our country. There are also similar schemes which have to be implemented in order to avoid the poverty from the country which leads our country all over the world.
  • The food is provided between 11 AM to 4 PM daily. The State Urban development Minister P Singh started this scheme for the welfare of the poor people.

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