Free bus passes offered for the girl students in Haryana

Free bus passes offered for the girl students in Haryana

The transport problems pose a threat for every young girl travelling to college, particularly if the distance is too far and she has to endure taunts and misbehavior of her male co-passengers. However, these menaces will soon see a likely end with the Haryana transport minister announcing free bus passes for the girls. This measure is introduced in the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme. This scheme has been introduced by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to encourage education of women and ban female infanticide.

Details about the free bus passes to girls in Haryana

Many times the distance between home and college is 60 km and thus it becomes very tough for a young woman to travel. So the Haryana transport minister Krishnan Lal Panwar has stated that with the introduction of this scheme, the distance has been increased to 150 km. The government of Haryana is providing free bus passes to the young women for them to avail free bus services. The increase in distance has also been approved by the government which proves to be really convenient for the girls.

It also provides an incentive to the girls to reach their schools safely and comfortable without any inhibitions and also eases the worries of the parents. There are also strict warnings to the drivers and conductors of the buses than any less than gentlemanly behavior with the lady passengers will in no way be judged lightly.

Reasons and the benefits of this plan

  • This free travel facility has put a smile on every girlish face. The order was issued when a complaint was made by some young women of a particular village stating that a bus driver did not let them board his bus by not halting. The passes are issued by a renowned official of high rank.
  • The list of girl students would be provided to the concerned Haryana depot Roadways from the schools along with an attested identity proof of each student.
  • The particular driver who did not halt to take his lady passengers has been warned along with the conductor that such ungentlemanly behavior would not be overlooked in future.
  • Strict legal instructions have been given to the bus personnel to behave in an appropriate manner with the young ladies and senior citizens alike.


As the India deserves to be applauded for her respect of the great goddesses and their elaborate worships, it is high time the women also started getting their share of respect. With this movement going strong in Haryana, we will soon see the ladies far superior to their male counterparts.

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