Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana (MKSY) Bihar for Girl Child

Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana (MKSY) Bihar for Girl Child

The state govt. of Bihar has launched a scheme MKSY for providing financial aid to the girl child of all the poor and backward families of their state. The MKSY scheme was launched by the state govt. of Bihar in the year 2008. This scheme has been launched with co-operation with the UTI which provides mutual funding solutions in the country. Under the scheme, the state govt. of Bihar will provide Rs. 2 thousand each for two girl child, taking birth in a poor and BPL family. This scheme has been launched to change the mindset of people towards girl child and increase their acceptance in the family. The MKSY scheme will not only be beneficial in eradication of social evils like female feticide, but also will be helpful for providing proper upbringing to the girl child.

Nature of beneficiary of the Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana

The MKSY scheme is targeted for providing economic assistance to the poor and backward families living in Bihar. Hence all the families below the poverty line who are domicile of Bihar will get benefit of the scheme. In BPL families, the burden of a girl child is much higher as the parents are not economically strong enough to provide a bright future and ensure proper upbringing to their children. Hence, the MKSY scheme will surely help those families to secure their girl child’s future with UTI bond which can be utilized in her education, in future. Over 7 lakh beneficiaries are getting the benefit of the scheme in Bihar.

Silent features of the MKSY scheme

As per the MKSY scheme, the Bihar Govt. will provide Rs. 2,000 for every birth of girl child in the state, who belongs to BPL families. A maximum of two girl children of the same family will get the benefit of this scheme. The scheme is jointly operated by UTI. However, the money will not be given directly in cash or cheque to the family. Instead, a UTI policy will be opened in the name of the girl child and will be invested in her education and upbringing. After the girl attains the age of 18 years, the matured amount of the policy will be handed over to the beneficiary. The maturity value of such policy is Rs. 18,000 which can be utilized for education or marriage of the girl.

Sl. No. Attributes Related information
1 Investment plan under MKSY UTI-Children’s Career Balanced Plan
2 Where to apply Child Development Office, Directorate of Social Welfare (DSW), Anganwadi Center.
3 Concerned Ministry Department of Social Welfare, Bihar
4 Action taken in case of death Amount deposited in favor of Women Development Corporation, Patna
5 Total investment made Rs 1.34 billion
6 Website

Eligibility criteria of MKSY

The Bihar govt. has set some conditions which should be fulfilled to bet the benefits of the scheme. Below are the eligibility criteria to be satisfied:

  • The girl child should belong to a BPL family as the scheme is dedicated to this category only.
  • To get the benefit of MKSY scheme, the date of birth of the girl child must be on or after 22nd Nov, 2007.
  • Every BPL family in Bihar can apply twice for the MKSY scheme i.e. only for maximum two girl children.
  • The family must be domicile of the state of Bihar, especially the girl, either from birth or having education.
  • The registration of birth of the girl child must be done within 1 year from the date, the girl child is born.
  • The maximum age limit to join the MKSY scheme is 3 years. So BPL families must do necessary registration before the girl child attains the age of three.

How to apply for the Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojana

If a girl child is born in a BPL family, the first and foremost task is to make birth certificate within a year of birth date. After that, along with the birth certificate, the family must contact the anganwadi centre or the office for Child Development located in every block or district. There is no mode of online application. Parents must do necessary form fill up for the MKSY scheme along with necessary documentation. The registration of MKSY must be done within three years of birth of the girl child.

Advantages of the MKSY scheme

  • Bihar was one of those states with highest no. of female feticide. And the numbers were alarming high in poor and BPL families which were financially not stable to give proper upbringing and set a good future for their girl child. This scheme will surely act as a moral and economic support to such families and bring down female feticide.
  • Decreasing the gap between the boy and girl ration in the state is another important objective of Bihar state govt. After the launch of the scheme, the mindset towards the girl child has changed.
  • The figures of birth registrations have also increased in Bihar. In the year 2007, the no. of birth registrations was 7.15 lakh. Whereas, this figure has jumped to 10.4 lakh in the year 2010.

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