[Apply] Mukhyamantri Nirog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh – Free Medicinal facilities Health Checkup

Mukhyamantri Nirog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh – Free Medicinal facilities Health Checkup [Apply]

The HP (Himachal Pradesh) state government has announced to introduce the new so called “Mukhyamantri Nirog Yojana”. The new scheme has been announced by the government for implementation during 2018-19 budget sessions. The scheme or Yojana is more focused on offering patients and needy people within the state with ‘Free Medicinal’ facilities.

Mukhyamantri Nirog Yojana in Himachal Pradesh

Launch Details

The foremost point to keep in mind is that the scheme has been introduced by the Health Department of the state. The government has also announced the scheme for implementation for 2018-19 sessions. The approval was made by CM during while addressing the Cabinet meeting.

Key Features

  • The scheme is a type of Health beneficial scheme that is a major step taken by the government. The government has also announced of the provisions for free medical tests and check ups for needy people under the scheme.
  • It is obvious that the scheme has been introduced by the HP state government for benefiting the economically weaker sections of the society. So the people belonging to this category of the society will be able to avail BP (Blood Pressure) check up and test, Sugar Level (Random Check up) Test, regular eye test etc.
  • The scheme will also provide needy patients with all normal health care benefits so they can be aware of their health conditions well ahead of time and take necessary precautions to avoid later stage complexions.

Mukhyamantri Nirog Yojana – Health Benefits

  • Under the new scheme to be implemented the state government has announced of new changes made to the already existing health care policies state wide.
  • The state government has also announced that under the new scheme after implementation needy people will be able to take full benefit of 330 medicines for cost free. Under other similar implementation earlier the government used to provide with 66 medicinal benefits to the needy people.
  • Under the new scheme the government has announced that it shall offer patients with hemophilia and Insulin medicines free of cost for any child state wide who is suffering from this condition and eight years of age.
  • Till date the state government was also providing with 95 percent coverage to the patients state wide against conditions like rubella and measles. With the new scheme the government also aims at offering 100 percent coverage.
  • For better implementation of the scheme state wide for reaching more number of people the government will be offering a set budget of 50 crores for 2018-19 implementation.

Additional benefits of the new scheme

  • Under the new scheme the state government ahs also announced to offer with Rs 5 lakh health coverage that will be offered to each and every family within the state of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The state government will be offering people with National Health Protection Scheme under which Rs 5 lakh worth Health care coverage will be provided to the beneficiaries. This coverage will be offered on annual basis once the beneficiary has been admitted in hospital for any illness, Brain or Bypass surgery.
  • Under the new scheme the state government aims at making it one of the biggest such fully functional scheme on the global platform. The state government has also announced of offering with Tele-medicine facilities with the state in 50 Sub Centers wide spread over vast region within the state.
  • The tele-medicine services will also be offered to the people of the state for minimum cost such that more number of people can get its benefit even in remote regions.
  • The state government is already running the tele medicinal program within regions of Pooh, Kaja and Kelang. In later stages it also aims at implementing the scheme in Pangi region.
  • For effective implementation of the health care scheme the government has announced of set budget of Rs 2302 crores for the Medical education and health care department.

The state government of HP has already made its motive of offering affordable health care services for more number of people in the state under various government health care schemes.

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