[eduportal.cg.nic.in] RTE Chhattisgarh Admission 2018-19 Application Form, Age Criteria Students List

[eduportal.cg.nic.in] RTE Chhattisgarh Admission 2018-19 Online Application Form, Eligibility Age Criteria Students List School List

The State education department of Chhattisgarh has announced to invite RTE form applications for the academic year 2018-19. The process of application has been provided by the state government over the online platform. Under the new provision the state government has invited applications forms from any candidate who wishes to enroll for admission and avail benefit of 25 percent reservation. The facility has been announced by the state government for students seeking admission in school for 2018-19 year.

RTE Chhattisgarh Admission Online

Announcement details

The new facility has officially been announced by the state government after the approval from the Education Ministry. The provisions for eligibility criteria for the admission and requirements have also been stated by the state government online. Interested candidates who wish to apply for admission for RTE Raipur admission for the fiscal year 2018-19 can now log on to the official website at www.eduportal.cg.nic.in/RTE/index.aspx. All other details related to admission process can also be checked by the candidates online itself.

Key Features

  • The new provision has been made available by the state government so interested candidates can in advance claim for 25 percent reservation at the time of admission for 2018-19.
  • As per the RTE (Right To Education) Act of 2009 it is obvious that each and every child has complete rights for completing his education. For this the state government has also mentioned that he or she is also eligible for claiming reservation of 25 percent for the same.
  • The reservation benefit can be made use by the child for requesting admission in any of the state schools for education. To get more familiar you can also download and go through the regulations and rules set under the RTE ACT for 2018-19.
  • Presently the government has also mentioned that the process of registration for admission for CG RTE school within the public and private sector, is current going on state wide. So with an aim to offer benefit for the same to each and every deserving child the government has started with the online registration process under RTE CG.
  • This major step has been taken by the state government as earlier the provision for getting registered was only possible via personal visit or offline.

2018-19 RTE Chhattisgarh Application form Online for admission

  • In case any candidate is interested in applying for the RTE CG admission for 2018-19 he or she will first have to get logged on to the official website at eduportal.cg.nic.in/RTE/Index.aspx.
  • Once you log on to the main page of the website you will have to make selection of “Application form” that is available for students registration. The moment the admission lines are accessible the link for the application form will be made Live online.
  • Presently the lines have been open for each of the Private schools so they can get registered under the RTE CG 2018-19 on the online web portal. They are currently available for DEO approval online.
  • Direct Link – The government has also requested each of the Private sector school within Chhattisgarh to get registered on the web portal for students. You can visit the web page for registration by clicking the link at http://eduportal.cg.nic.in/RTE/School/LoginPrivateSchool.aspx.
  • As per the provisions provided the private sector schools are expected to get registered online for their DEO approvals. The process of approval will be done as per 2009 Act RTE. Once the schools have completed with the registration process then students will also be able to get registered for reservation.

The process of allotment of seats will officially be done by the Education Board of Chhattisgarh. The process of lottery allotment will be applied for giving away the seats to the candidates.

As per the government regulations each of the candidates has to provide with their Aadhar card details online for admission. This has been stated by the government with an aim to help simplify the process of selection and registration.

With an aim to help ease the process the government has requested each school to provide with complete set of information including seat availability, eligibility criteria and admission requirements. The government expects that the new system will help in occupying 45000 seats from Private sector 11000 schools. There are over 61000 schools within the state. You can also collect more details officially via www.eduportal.cg.nic.in/Login.aspx.

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