Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme MP

Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme MP

 Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme is a housing scheme launched by the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board (MPHB). The housing board has invited applications for allotting 206 housing units. This scheme is allotting houses for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Middle Income Group (MIG) and Higher Income Group (HIG) of the society. The location of this scheme is at Budhar Nagar.

Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme

What is Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme?

Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme is a housing scheme for the three important categories of the society. This scheme is offering 206 housing units fir HIG, MIG and EWS. The categories are also divided in three subcategories and the majority of the units will be allotted to the Higher Income Group of the society. Below is a table to show the categories along with the subcategories.

Category Subcategory
HIG Senior-A
HIG Deluxe
MIG Junior-A
MIG Junior-B

Key Features

  • The plot area of the housing units would be from 40 to 142.50 sq. meters.
  • The cost of the houses under this scheme ranges from about Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 29 lakh.
  • This scheme is financially very attractive for the EWS applicants as it will offer those applicants with flats costing Rs. 7, 72, 000.
  • Home load facility is also available.
  • From the registration fee to the housing fees, everything is very affordable in this scheme.
  • The HIG Category will get more flats allocated in their name.
  • The MIG sector of the society will be given affordable housing flats costing less than Rs. 22 lakh.

Eligibility for Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme

The applicants must be from one of the three categories of the society which are EWS, HIG and MIG. Only those applicants can apply who can pay the registration fee, form fee and the estimated cost. The applicants must fill their application form with proper details to be eligible for this scheme.

How to Apply

The applicants can apply from online and also offline. The applicants can go to the official website of Madhya Pradesh Housing Board to apply. The applicants can also apply offline but for that they would have to buy their application form. The applicants of HIG and MIG sector of the society will have to pay Rs. 500 for their application form. The EWS applicants will need to pay Rs. 200 for their form.

Benefits of Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme

  • It is a good opportunity for the EWS sector of the society to have a flat in their name at a very affordable rate.
  • The number of flats being allocated is good.
  • The area of the plots and the flats is very good too at a reduced rate.
  • The cost of the houses under this scheme ranges from about Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 29 lakh. And currently the citizens of the society can’t have a flat at this rate. So, it is indeed a very good project.

Flat Details under Narmada Parisar Housing Scheme

Flat Category

Flat Subcategory Flats Available Area of Flat (Sq. Meter) Area of Plot (Sq. Meter) Cost of Flats (Rs.) Amount for Registration (Rs.)

Cost of Form (Rs.)

HIG Senior-A 60 78.25 142.50 29.5 lakh 2, 95,000 500
HIG Deluxe 60 56.25 112.50 22.63 lakh 2, 26, 300 500
MIG Junior-A 15 58 97.50 20.52 lakh 2, 05, 200 500
MIG Junior-B 23 46 76 17.96 lakh 1, 76, 000 500
EWS EWS 37 26.05 40 7.72 lakh 77, 200 200

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