NTR Housing Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20

NTR Housing Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2018 Check Beneficiaries Sanction List,Amount, Online Application Form @apgovhousing.apcfss.in

Now it is easier to check the beneficiaries’ list under the NTR Nagar Housing Scheme in Andhra Pradesh. During June the Andhra Pradesh state government has started the housing scheme namely NTR Nagar Housing Scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Under this scheme homeless people will get permanent houses to live in.

NTR Housing Scheme Andhra Pradesh

Important dates –

As of now 1 Lac houses have already been built and will be inaugurated on 2Oct 17 by the state government officials. The second phase of the scheme will be started from January 2018 and June 2018.

NTR Housing Scheme Key Features –

  • The scheme: NTR Nagar Housing Scheme is a part of PMAY that is Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Housing for all. Under NTR scheme all the urban poor and homeless people in Andhra Pradesh will get permanent houses under this scheme. Nearly 1.90 Lac houses will be built under NTR Housing Scheme.
  • Loan: All the urban poor who are eligible to register under the scheme will get loans to build their houses in lower interest rates.
  • Objective: The main aim of the scheme is to provide permanent housing to the homeless people. Also those who already have houses but need reconstruction can also take easy loans under the scheme for reconstruction of their houses.

Eligibility –

PMAY-NTR housing scheme is designed for the poor people from urban areas across the state. The beneficiaries will be the one who have BPL cards that is who belong to under the poverty line. The beneficiary has to be the citizen of Andhra Pradesh.

NTR Housing Scheme – Registration Process

Before the registration the authorities will conduct a survey. Like PMAY scheme there will be three stages of demand surveys will be held namely central level, state level and finally district level surveys. These surveys will be held to study the homeless positions of people closely. Also this will be helpful to know about the financial condition of the poor families and such.

The registration forms are available online. As mentioned that the scheme is a part of PMAY, the registration forms are available in the official website of PMAY scheme http://pmaymis.gov.in/. The beneficiaries can fill up the form and submit it along with the required documents mentioned below.

NTR Housing Scheme – Documents Required

  • Address Documents: Details of permanent and present address of the beneficiary. If the family owns other property anywhere in India, details of that property too. Alongside the number of years the beneficiaries are living in the house, that details should also be produced.
  • Identity Details: Any unique identity number such as Voter ID card, driving licence and so on is mandatory for the identity verification. Also Aadhaar Card is mandatory for the ID details.
  • Income Details: Income of the beneficiary, nature of work, family income, how many family members are working and how many are dependents – all documents are to be submitted. Number of family members and their age proofs are to be submitted.
  • Bank Details: Bank account number, branch details and everything must be submitted while filling up the form. The details are needed to be entered in the form as well.
  • Housing Details: Beneficiaries are required to mention about their houses. That means they need to submit the detailed measurement of the houses as per the roof. Also the number of rooms they want and how big they need their houses to be. All these details are mandatory under this scheme.
  • Others: In other details, the beneficiaries are required to produce the documents regarding caste, religion and whether the beneficiary belongs to BPL category or not.

NTR Housing Scheme – List of Beneficiaries

Towards the end of the month of September the state has announced about the checklist of the beneficiaries of the NTR Nagar Housing Scheme. Below the steps for checking the beneficiaries list is mentioned.

  • Step 1: First of all visit the official website of Andhra Pradesh Housing Development Ministry https://apgovhousing.apcfss.in/. In the home page you will find the ‘Gruha Pravesh Mahotsvam Ben List’ tab.
  • Step 2: Click on the tab to redirect in the next page. In the next page you will find the page where you can see the list of beneficiaries. The applicant can directly click on the link https://apgovhousing.apcfss.in//NTRNutanaGruhaPravesam.do to find the beneficiaries’ list.
  • Step 3: In the page select the function type, then type your scheme name and get the report of the respective scheme from the drop down box mentioned in the following page. Click on the ‘Get a Report’ tab once you select your scheme name.
  • Step 4: The applicant will get a list of links in the report section. Click on different links for the different beneficiaries from diverse parts of the state. Keep clicking on the link until you find the suitable beneficiaries’ list.
  • Step 5: Finally you can download or shift the list to an excel sheet for future reference. Click on the tab ‘Export to Excel’ to get the detailed list to the excel sheet for better knowledge and save that document to your computer..

State government of Andhra Pradesh has commenced Rs. 16, 000 Cr for the first phase of the scheme. According to the reports 10 Lac houses will be built within this mentioned budget for the poor and homeless people in the state.

PMAY-NTR Nagar Housing Scheme is a part of PMAY. The state government has aimed to provide pucca houses to all the poor people by the year 2022. With this vision the state has started implementing the scheme and gained much momentum with the progress.

Update –


The current CM of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu has announced that his government will offer 4 lakh new and affordable residential units for common people. These homes will be constructed under the NTR Rural Housing Scheme. Applicants, belonging to ST or SC categories will have to pay Rs. 2 lakhs for these residential units. Applicants from other categories will attain these homes for Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Around 35,000 houses will be constructed in Hindupur and Anantapur. Apart from necessary facilities, state government will pay attention to the drought management committees. These affordable homes will reduce housing issues in Andhra Pradesh.

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