KALIA – PM Kisan Yojana Merged Odisha

KALIA – PM Kisan Yojana Merged Odisha 2020

While the scheme called Kaliya was already doing well with the decision of merging with Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme will be more effective. The Chief Minister of Odisha has decided to merge the scheme for the betterment of the farmers of the state. The merging happened on 15th of November and this has happened to avoid any financial constraint. The Kaliya scheme was launched in December 2018 whereas the central government launched the PM-Kisan scheme in 2019. The merging details are given below.


Key features of the scheme

  • Assistance for Rabi crop- The beneficiary will receive financial help for 2018-19 Rabi crop. Only the beneficiary received any kind of assistance will receive that.
  • Segregation regarding the scheme- The farmers either will receive assistance from PM-Kisan or from Kaliya. 
  • Financial assistance- According to the rules of the scheme, the underprivileged farmers will receive financial help from the government. They will get 5000 rupees for 2019-20, and 4000 rupees in 2010-21. They will receive the money from both scheme and this will sum up in 10000 rupees a year.
  • Big farmers- Under the scheme the large farmers will receive 6000 rupees per year as a financial assistance.
  • Entire budget for the scheme- When it comes to the entire budget it is 4587.584 crore rupees for PM-Kisan and 3404.0224 crore rupees for Kaliya.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  • Resident of the state- The primary objective of this merging is to provide benefits to the farmers of the state Odisha and this is the reason in order to be the beneficiary the candidates need to be the domicile of the state.
  • Exclusion of privileged people- The privileged people of the state even though hold farm lands are not considered as the beneficiary of the scheme. The people who are into government job, or a former government employee, legislator, doctor, engineer, etc. are not eligible for the scheme.  
  • Actual farmers- The actual cultivators, those with no lands are eligible to get the financial assistance from the government.

The merging of the scheme is a commendable decision taken by the state government Odisha. It is true that a scheme run by state government may face several financial constrains. The merging of the scheme with central scheme will reduce the chances of financial issues. The scheme will help the underprivileged farmers to earn their livelihood.

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