Super 30 Scheme in Tripura [Free Coaching]

Super 30 Scheme In Tripura 2020- 2021 Free Coaching for IIT / MBBS Students- How to Apply, Form, Eligibility, Documents, List

Tripura government has launched a scheme called ‘Super 30’. The scheme is launched for the students who are in the academic year of 2020-21. The scheme will help the students to crack the entrance exam for medical and engineering. The scheme will help maximum 30 students by providing the required funding to continue their studies. The launch detail is given below in tabular form.

Name of the scheme Super 30
Launched in Tripura
Launched by The Education Minister of Tripura RatanLal Nath
Date of launch December, 2019
Target people Students of the state

Key features of the scheme

  • Objective-The scheme will help the students to crack the entrance for medical and engineering. The scheme will also enhance the education system of the state so that student can pursue further study.
  • Helping the student- According to the rules of the scheme, the scheme will help the 30 students in the academic year of 2020-21 by providing fund to prepare for the entrance exam.
  • Supporting the students in preparing- There are Kota-based coaching centers in Triupura. The government is trying to help the 30 students so that they can take tuition from those Kota-based coaching centers for the entrance exam.
  • Helping the students from science stream-According to the rules, the students who are from the science stream will receive the help from the government as the scheme is for entrance exam for medial and engineering.
  • Selection of the students-While launching the scheme the education minister said that there will be a selection produce to sort out the meritorious students of backward community so that they get the proper support.
  • Mode of work-The scheme will work on a pilot basis that is it will spend an amount of 2.40 lakh rupees annually on each student so that they receive proper coaching.
  • Entire budget for the scheme-The entire budget for the scheme that government has allotted is 72 lakh rupees for the first year and for the following years the budget will be increased up to 1.44 crore rupees.

Eligibility criteria

  • Students of the state- As the scheme was launched in Tripura for the students so to avail the scheme’s benefit the students need to be the domicile of Tripura.
  • Students from the backward class- Only the students who belong to backward classes will get the financial benefits to avail the coaching classes for the entrance exam.
  • Subject criteria- The students are supposed to be from the science stream to get the benefit of the tuition.
  • Score of the students-In order to come under the scheme the students need to have high score under Tripura board. 

Documents required

As the scheme is launched recently so the education board of Tripura has not released any detail regarding the documents. Once the detail is released you will be updated.

Application procedure

In order to apply for the scheme you need to wait for the details to be released by the Tripura government.

Launching a scheme like this is believed to be helpful to the pupils who are planning to take entrance exam. The initiative was first taken up by a mathematician named Anand Kumar in Patna. He started giving tuition to 30 meritorious students for entrance exam and the initiative was hailed by the people. Therefore, the similar stem that Tripura is taking for the underprivileged students is undoubtedly commendable. 

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