Overseas scholarship scheme in Telangana

Overseas scholarship scheme in Telangana

Proper education can assist any person to land themselves with a good job. There are many who desire to study in the foreign universities. But not all have the required financial power to fund these academic ventures. For helping poor but deserving students with funds for going abroad for studying, Telangana government has launched the Overseas Scholarship Scheme.

Overseas scholarship scheme in Telangana

Launch details of the scheme

During December, 2017, Telangana CM has officially declared the launch and implementation of this unique grant scheme. As it is targeted towards boosting progress of minority communities, the implementation will be looked after by the Telangana State Department of Minority Welfare.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering backward and minority – The main objective is to provide financial assistance to the backward and minority candidates. With the issue of funds eliminated, the worthy candidates can concentrate on their studies.
  2. Encouraging higher education – Proper education will assist candidates to create a bright future. With this scheme, the state will give them an opportunity to pursue their desire for higher education.
  3. Arrangement for SC and ST entrants – A special reservation of 5% has been arranged for applicants who fall under the category of SC and ST. Apart from catering to minority applicants; it will also provide assistance to backward castes.
  4. Educational scholarship – All selected candidates will get a total amount of 20 lakhs to cover the expenses of this educational venture.
  5. Number of beneficiaries – State has decided that each year, around 200 deserving candidates will be chosen under this program. Eventually, the number of scholarship holders might increase.
  6. Money for reaching the foreign land – Apart from the grant, the state authority will also provide each candidate with extra cash that will cover the expense of purchasing an air ticket to get to that country.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  1. Must be a resident of Telangana – As this scheme has been developed and designed to provide economic assistance for the residents of Telangana, so, only the students who hail from this state will be allowed to get this financial aid.
  2. Must hail from minority group – Only applicants who have a minority of Muslim background will get financial aid under this scheme.
  3. Age limit – Only candidates who have not crossed the age of 35 may apply. The age will be determined as of 1st July of that year.
  4. Family income related criterion – For that the overall family earning, on an annual basis must not cross 2 lakh mark.
  5. Only child to get the benefit – The state government has announced that from each family, one candidate will get the opportunity to get this education grant.
  6. Marks related criteria for PG course – If it is a PG level course, the applicant must succeed in scoring at least 60% in the graduation exam.
  7. Marks related criteria for Ph. D courses – If it is a Ph. D course, then he/she must get at least 60% marks in the last examination.
  8. Countries where one can pursue higher education – The candidate can only apply for this scholarship grant if they are opting for any university that is located in UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea.
  9. Tenure of joining the institute – It has been mentioned in the draft of this scholarship scheme that each selected applicant must join the course within a span of one year. In case the applicant fails to do so, he/she will no longer receive the grant.
  10. Changing the course is not allowed – Once the candidate has opted for a certain course and then acquired the financial assistance, he/she will not be allowed to leave that course and opt for another steam. In case they do, they will cease to get the financial assistance.

Important documents required

  1. Residential document – As this welfare scheme has been developed for candidates staying in the state, each interested applicant will have to submit legal papers, which will prove that these students are residents of Telangana.
  2. Caste certificate – The students of minority castes like the Muslims will be given the chance to get this financial assistance so that they can overcome the hurdles of money and acquire education from foreign universities.
  3. Income certificate – As there is an eligibility related to the total income of the family, each applicant will have to submit a proper income certificate with the registration form.
  4. Birth certificate – Each candidate will have to submit a copy of their birth certificate. It will assist the verification officers to check the age of the student.
  5. Aadhar card – As the central authority has declared that for getting the advantage of any state or central government scheme, the beneficiaries will have to provide their Aadhar code. For that, each applicant will have to provide a copy of their Aadhar Card.
  6. E-pass ID – As the application will be done and registered via the online portal; each applicant will get a separate E-pass ID. It is also needed.
  7. Mark sheet of last exam examination – As there is a marks related criteria, each applicant will have to attach a copy of their last passed examination’s mark sheet. It will allow the verification officers to tally their marks and make the selection.
  8. Mark sheet of overseas qualifying exam – All interested applicants will also have to attach a copy mark sheet to make sure that he/she has passed such an examination. TOFEL or IELTS certificates are also required.
  9. Admission document from foreign university – It is mandatory for the candidate to attach the admission documents with the application form.

Selection procedure of the candidate

  1. The state authority has declared that it will take necessary steps to inform the interested candidates about the implementation of this grant scheme. To attract the attention of the candidates, all major newspapers will publish the news.
  2. Apart from the newspapers, the same notification will also be flashed on the notice boards of all universities.
  3. The notification will come out twice during August/September and again during the months of January/February. The interested candidates are required to fill in the application and submit from 1st August to 30th They can do the same, starting from 1st Jan to 28th or 29th Feb.
  4. Once all the applications reach the desk of the selection committee, the officers will sort them and do the necessary verifications. They will select as many candidates as possible, who fulfill all eligibilities.
  5. These candidates will be notified via mail accordingly. If they still want to go forth with the admission in the foreign university, the state will transfer the cash into the bank account of the selected candidates.

With the implementation of this unique grant scheme, the state government will be able to provide a platform for candidates who fall in the minority section. If the bright students who have been able to prove their academic worth get the financial assistance from the authority, they will be able to succeed in their aim and get a prosperous career.


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