Paddy Procurement Scheme in Jharkhand

Paddy Procurement Scheme in Jharkhand 2018-19 (Dhaan Adhiprapti Yojana) (धान अधिप्राप्ति योजना) Dhaan at MSP for Farmers, Eligibility, How to Apply

The eastern part of India is often termed as the rice producing zone. The climatic and soil conditions make it perfect for the cultivation of paddy. But recently, the farmers have not been getting good price for their produce. Thus, the Jharkhand government has decided to come to the rescue of the paddy cultivators. Under the Paddy Procurement Scheme or Dhaan Adhiprapti Yojana, the state will purchase paddy from the cultivators, living in the state. This program has the main objective to offer financial support to the poor farmers. The paddy will be purchase at the Minimum Support Price that has been specified by the central authority.

Paddy Procurement Scheme

Launch details

Name of the scheme Paddy Procurement Scheme or Dhaan Adhiprapti Yojana
Launched in Jharkhand
Launched by Raghubar Das
Date of announcement 27th November 2018
Target beneficiaries Paddy farmers
Supervised by FCI and Jharkhand Food and Civil Supplies Corporation Limited

Key features of the scheme

  1. Number of collection centers – Procurement from all parts of the state has been planned by the authority. To make this mammoth task, as many as 239 collection centers have been selected. In future, more centers may be added to the list.
  2. Price per quintal – The Jharkhand government will purchase paddy from the common farmers at a price that has been set by the central government. For every quintal of paddy, the farmers will receive Rs. 1750.
  3. Bonus for agricultural labors – Jharkhand government had previously announced that it will offer financial aid in the form of annual bonus for all eligible farmers. Along with this scheme, the state authority desires to fulfill its previous commitments.
  4. Important dates – The Jharkhand government has already announced that all procurements will start from the 1st of December, 2018. The activity will continue till 31st March, 2019.
  5. Decentralized collection in tribal areas – Decentralized paddy procurement will be done via the specific centers, for the villages, which fall in the Santhal Parganas region.
  6. Changes in FCI model – The state government cannot procure paddy from the farmers as it pleases. So, the Jharkhand state government had to make some amendments in the Food Corporation of India guidelines. These alterations will facilitate the easy implementation of this project.
  7. Nodal agencies – The state government has announced that the Food Corporation of India will play the part the nodal agency. It will be implemented in the Palamu region alone. For north and south Chotanagpur areas, Santhal parganas and Kolhan regions, the State Food and Civil Supplies Corporation will act as the nodal agency.
  8. Officers put in charge – The procurement centers must make a note of all farmers, which are applying under this scheme. Every collection center will be placed under the charge of a state government officer, an accountant cum operator and a PACS officer. These individuals will have to keep track of all procurements.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residential criterion – The Paddy Procurement Scheme has been implemented by the Jharkhand government, to offer financial aid to the poor farmers. Thus, it has highlighted that only legal residents of this state will be allowed to partake in this project.
  2. Occupational criterion – Only those farmers will be able to attain the benefits under this scheme, who are devoted to paddy or rice growing. As mentioned, the state government officials will collect paddy from the interested cultivators.
  3. Personal ID – All farmers need to furnish their personal identification documents. The voter card, or Aadhar card will be accepted by the officials.
  4. Bank details – All interested agricultural labors, associated with paddy cultivation will have to submit their bank account details. All participating agricultural labors will get the payment via DBT or direct bank transfer. Thus it is mandatory for all interested applicants to have an active bank account in their names.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. The state government has highlight that no additional enrollment is necessary for attaining the benefits of this scheme.
  2. All farmers will be informed about the scheme via an SMS. The SMS will be sent by the agricultural department in each area.
  3. The SMS will contain information about the nearest dhaan procurement center.
  4. After getting the message, interested famers will have to get in touch with the officers, in charge of the paddy procurement centers.
  5. The officers will give each farmer a token, and a date. On the specific date, the farmer must reach the center and submit the token.
  6. The officers will inspect the paddy, and note down sale details.
  7. Once the procurement is complete, the price of paddy will be sent to the bank account of the farmers.

The state government will have to shell out as much as Rs. 200 crore for proper implementation of Paddy Procurement Scheme. As the paddy cultivators receive money in their bank account, they will be able to make timely payment of agricultural loan interests. Access to money will also help them to take care of their daily expenses.

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