Power Tariff Scheme in Punjab

Power Tariff Scheme (Electricity Subsidy Rate) At 5Rs in Punjab

Industrial units around Punjab will receive support through a new power tariff. This will be implemented at the start of 2018 and will entail a total of Rs. 5 per unit. The new tariff will help with keeping industrial spots active without worrying about additional costs coming about at any time. This would assist in keeping any entity growing well in the region.

Power Tariff Scheme (Electricity Subsidy Rate) At 5Rs in Punjab

Name Power Tariff Subsidy Scheme
Declared By Rana Gurjeet Singh
Start Date 1 Jan 2018
Target Audience Punjab State

Objective of the Scheme

The new tariff is designed to help with supporting the development of stronger industrial units in the state. Much of the work is designed to ensure that power companies can keep these units active, thus allowing them to stay productive and to help support jobs.

The move comes amid ongoing efforts by the state government to keep industrial properties supported properly. This includes working with an election promise that had been made by numerous people supporting the campaign.

Key Features Of the Subsidy Scheme

The state government will work with a plan from Congress to get the tariff imposed on many of these industrial properties. The following terms have been released for the tariff to assist in getting the government to grow and thrive:

  • Each property will get Rs. 5 per unit. This will be fully subsidized by the government to help cover energy costs used by such units.
  • The overall budget of the scheme is listed at Rs. 1,350 crore. This annual total will be earmarked to support the needs that industrial units have.
  • The funds will help to expand the Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh Museum in Khatkar Kalan. About Rs. 15 crore will be used to support the government work to get the facility opened and properly expanded on schedule. The goal had been to get the museum open before March 28, 2018.

The new scheme will work as 2018 starts and will work for all sorts of properties in Punjab. Individual industrial properties that are uncertain about how well the system may work are encouraged to contact the local government for additional information. The application process can also be handled through any government office to make it easier for the group to grow as needed. This all comes amid an ongoing desire to get the industry to grow well.

The new power tariff in Punjab will help to keep the lights in in various industrial units in the state. This will keep these properties running well while ensuring that many other programs from the government can be completed and supported as needed.

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