[Download] Rajasthan Voter ID Card Matdata Suchi 2018

Download Rajasthan Voter ID Card Duplicate Online Check Name Status CEO Voters List (District-Wise) Application Form Photo Matdata Suchi 2018 Who is CEO Print (राजस्थान मतदाता सूची)

The EC (Election Commission) has announced that in Jan 2019 or Dec. 2018, the general elections will be conducted by the authorities in the state of Rajasthan. The process for organizing and supervising the election campaigns will be organized by the CEO (Chief Electoral Officer) of the state. The provision shall be taken by the CEO to ensure that the process of voting can be carried out fairly and peacefully.

Rajasthan Voter ID Card Download

Important details

  • With an aim of organizing elections smoothly, the EC has ensured that the process of updating the voters list will be done by the authorities. The complete List of updated voters will be added to the list and published by the CEO and EC.
  • The list will be made available for the local people of the state so they can check with their names online. For effective implementation the EC will also offer people with convenience so they can down load the voter cards directly online prior to voting session.
  • The complete list for 2019 elections has already been updated on the system and the check can be performed by voters gram wise, district wise or even Panchayat wise.
  • The process of adding names of new voters to the existing list is being carried out by the CEO department. To further ease the process the CEO dept. has also ensured that voters will be able to download the complete voters list and save it in the form of PDF file on their system.
  • This will offer them with benefit to perform search manually through the list.

2018 Voter List – Electoral Roll Download Process – CEO Rajasthan District Wise

In case any candidate is interested in downloading the complete voters list for 2018 (ER) then he or she can follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • To get started the candidate has to first get logged on to the official CEO website at ceorajasthan.nic.in. The EC has ensured that the complete list is made available on this official website.
  • Once on the main page, you have to make the selection of the option “Draft Electoral Rolls” for 2018 that can easily be located under the “Citizen Center” option or tab provided.
  • Candidates can also directly visit the web page by clicking the direct link at to get the PDF format of the file.
  • Once redirected to the web page the candidates have to make the selection of “Assembly Constituency” or “District Name” option for sorting the list. You will then be able to view the details of the list district wise, panchayat wise or gram wise for 2018.
  • On the list you will also have an option to either print or view the details that can be selected by you. The moment you make the selection of print or view option, you will have to provide with valid captcha code.
  • After providing the verified code you shall have the convenience of taking a hard copy or saving as a soft copy on your drive.
  • Once the list has been downloaded a manual search from the list can also be performed by each candidate.

Candidates also are provided with benefit to download the Poorak list (Photo Electoral Supplement 1 copy for 2018). The complete list has also been issued by the CEO Rajasthan. You can directly download the complete list at

Process to find name in Voter List online ID card (Download)

  • Any candidate who wants to track his name in the list, can now do it via the online web portal. The voter ID card list can also be downloaded. You are provided with an option to search for your name in the list on official website mentioned above.
  • On the main page you just have to click the search option from the link or directly click to perform the search. You shall be redirected towards the new web page which will display the entire list for 2018. Candidates will easily be able to perform the search online using the EPIC number, Gram Panchayat wise Tracking or locality or area wise tracking.
  • The government has also provided with provision where candidates can request to download and install mobile app for checking or downloading the list on their mobile devices. You can also perform this task directly by visiting the link at http://ceorajasthan.nic.in/How%20to%20install%20Android%20application.pdf.
  • Once you have located the name on the list you are free to download the Voter ID card list and then request for a hard copy to show at the time of election.
  • You are also provided with sms help facility in case you need just try and click the link at http://ceorajasthan.nic.in/SMS.pdf.

Process to find name in voters list using Voter ID or EPIC Number

Even before the 2019 elections the government t has requested the candidates to check with their names and eligibility on the voters list. This will help and save time and last minute rush during elections. The process of tracking names online is easy and can be done via using Voter ID, Name or EPIC details. You can perform this task clicking the link directly at for tracking using voters ID or click for tracking with name.

In case you want to perform the search using EPIC or photo ID then you will be redirected towards the web page where in the tab you may have to provide with your valid voter ID number. You can also perform the search via EPIC number. You are free to check with the name and details in the list by providing with details related to name, gender, district name, house number etc and then click “enter” option. The details will then be displayed on the screen that can be downloaded and saved for future reference. You can also take a print out of the same.

Name check Locality wise gram Panchayat wise and area wise in Voter list

You are also free to check with the name directly from the electoral list by clicking the link at On the redirected page you just have to enter the details of Locality, panchayat, area and district.  Once done, just select the “search” option. The CEO dept has mentioned that the list will regularly be updated with new names added to the existing database. Apart from this the supplementary list will also be regularly provided.

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