Samagra Educational Portal Kerala

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Kerala State government will launch an educational portal soon in the state. Samagra Portal will be launched for the teachers of the state. It will include high-end technology in the classrooms through which teachers can transact with the students easily. Along with the portal a mobile App for the same will launch too.

Samagra Educational Portal Kerala

Launch Details

The portal has not launched yet. According to the Chief Minister of the state the portal and the app will be launched on 31st may 2018 officially. The portal and the app both have developed by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education. Chief Minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan will launch the portal and app tomorrow on 31st May in Kerala.  

Key Features

  • ·        Portal: The portal is already live. Now, from 31st May teachers will be able to transact through the portal. The teachers can share their lessons, notes, learning kits and so on with the students through the portal.
  • ·        Mobile App: The App namely Samagra will be available on Smartphone. Teachers can download the App from their App stores and use them by signing up with the App. Like any other app, this app will require registration of the user.
  • ·        Facilities: Under this portal all sorts of educational lessons will be available. Teachers can use the portal for providing lessons through high-end technology. The portal will be available in all the classes which use high-tech classroom facilities.
  • ·        Monitoring: The installation and availability of the portal must be started from coming academic year. The KITE will be responsible to proceed with this. Once the portal is available in the classrooms, it will be easier for the students to learn on digital platforms.

How does it work?

Teachers are required to sign-up with the portal. Like the other portals, they have to register their names under the portal by providing proper and correct information. After registering with the portal, teachers can access their accounts and share their lessons through their portal account.

In future, according to the KITE, students, too, can access the portal. They will soon be part of this portal where they can get to interact with the teachers to know the potential learning process and materials.


There will be two phases for this portal. In the first phase, there will be classes from 8th to 12th will be covered. As soon as the second phase will start, the remaining junior classes from 1st to 7th standard will be covered under this portal.

With launching such portal, the state will move one step forward towards smart education. The App will also be helpful for the teachers and students to learn on digital platform.

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