Samjhauta Yojana Madhya Pradesh

Samjhauta Yojana MP

As per the latest statements made by the Madhya Pradesh state government, it has been declared that the default debtors under the Samjhauta Scheme will be exempted from making the payments of the Interest charged on the loan amounts. The state government has clearly stated that the farmers who have availed loan on their mortgaged land will be exempted by the state government and relaxation period would be offered to them in making the repayment of the loan amounts.

Samjhauta Yojana Madhya Pradesh

Implementation details

The new statements were officially made after the approval of the Central government and state government along with financial institutions and banks within the state in the cabinet meeting.

Key Features

  • As per the statements, the new recommendations have been made by the state government directing the provision for offering extension to the state farmers who have borrowed the loan amount.
  • The extension period will be valid for the farmers who have availed loan from Rural development banks and District co-operative banks in exchange for their mortgaged land.
  • The government has also stated that as per the new recommendations made the farmers would be relaxed from paying the interest and other additional cost including fee charge for the loan.
  • The beneficiaries will now be offered with convenience such that they will only have to make the repayment of the borrowed sum of money as loan to the financial institution.
  • The state government has also issued notifications for the extension of the last date for implementing the one time repayment settlement plan for the farmers till 28th February 2018 for implementation.
  • As per the statements made any farmers who want to take the benefit of the scheme and get rid of their piece of land mortgaged can now get registered under the exemption scheme. The beneficiary is now only expected to make the payment of outstanding dues on the loan amount leaving the interest and loan charges.
  • With an aim to implement above initiative the FM in cabinet has sanctioned a set budget of Rs 350 crore to help cover defaulter farmers under the Samjhauta Yojana. The farmers are also expected to make the repayment of the loan amounts now till 27th April 2018, instead of 28th February 2018.

With the implementation of the above mentioned initiative the state government aims at offering local farmers with the benefit of making easy repayment of the loan against their mortgaged farm lands.

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