Self Help Group (SHG) Scheme In West Bengal Rural Women Training Loan

Self Help Group (SHG) (Training Loan) Scheme in West Bengal – 700 Crore for 50 Lakh Rural Women

In order to improve the standards of the rural women of the west Bengal and to stabilize the women empowerment process in the rural parts of the state. The state government is about to establish the new welfare policy with a whooping budget.

Launch Details

On 11th of March 2018, the west Bengal government under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee while conducting a speech during the rally organized to raise the support for International women’s day has announced the details of allocating a whooping amount of Rs. 7 hundred crore, in order to drive the rural women of the state to get merged with the Self Help Group (SHG).

It is predicted that, the state government of Bengal has targeted to bring approximately 50, 00,000 rural women under the shelf of SHG.

Motive Behind the inclusion of rural women to SHG

The state government of West Bengal strongly believes that the by taking SHG’s to the rural parts of state will surely empower the women’s standards and also it boost them to have independent life style. The scheme will offer needed training and skill development coaches to the women, also talented women can able to get financial support under SHG to start their own or group business in the rural areas.

Implementation of the Self Help Group SHG Scheme in Rural parts of West Bengal

To achieve successful implementation of the SHG in the rural parts of the state, the government officials have decided to implement the scheme in 3 phases. The detail of those 3 phases are briefed below

  1. 1st Phase : In this initial phase, under the governance of state Co-operation department the desirable women who are all yet to be the part of SHG will be identified and will be given proper training and will be sent to skill development classes.
  2. 2nd Phase: In this phase, entrepreneurship will be boosted among the women in the SHG. To do so, the state government will provide sufficient financial aid in form of interest free loans through by Co-operative banks and co-operative societies to start their businesses.
  3. 3rd Phase: In this final phase, the state government will provide needed help to promote and to market the products which are manufactured by the SHG groups. Government will allow SHGs to sell their products by through the government Outlets and also guides them to create a network among the various government’s supply departments and industrial departments.

Key points and High Lighting Features

  • It is expected that this project will kick start on head of upcoming 3-tier Panchayat election. However, it is believed that the scheme will fulfill its motive and starts to offer benefits to the rural women by the end of the FY 2018 – 2019.
  • As far as the data collected from the government officials, it is identified that around 2, 00,000 SHG’s are active across the state with the members count of 50, 00,000.
  • State government is planning to increase the SHG’s count to 4Lakh, by adding 50, 00,000 more new women  members from rural parts by establishing another 2,00,000 SHGs across the rural areas of the state.

The state government of West Bengal has planned to implement and to drive positive outcome/benefits of the scheme by the end of the financial year 2018 – 19, where the state will face the assembly election. The CM of the state Mamata Banerjee also pointed that she has been focusing on state assembly election by leaving the upcoming Panchayat election to the party members.


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