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Maa Tujhe Pranam Yojana in Madhya Pradesh 2018 Apply Online Application form @dsywmp.gov.in

The Madhya Pradesh sate government has announced to launch a new Maa Tujhe pranam scheme. The new scheme has been announced for youth generation of present time so they get an opportunity to join military services. This is done with an aim to help enlighten the spirit of patriotism amongst the young generation. The government has also mentioned that it shall be offering with proper training to the youths so they can be a part of the services by joining Paramilitary forces.

Maa Tujhe Pranam Yojana in Madhya Pradesh 2018 Apply Online form

Launch Details

Name Maa Tujhe Pranam
Launched by CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan
Date of Launch Fiscal Year 2015
Supervision under Youth and Sports Welfare
Official Web Portal http://www.dsywmp.gov.in
Details of contact Youth and Sports welfare department, Bhopal, TT Nagar Stadium, MP-462003
Email ID info@dsywmp.gov.in

 Key Features in Maa Tujhe Pranam Yojana

  • Main objective – The main objective of the above mentioned scheme is to try and educate youths for being patriotic in nature. This will also encourage them to participate in serving the nation services. They will also learn to offer their contributions to the paramilitary and military services. The government also aims that this will help encourage the youth to be a part of the national defense services for the nation.
  • The government has also stated that to offer the youth with proper training they shall be recruited and sent to distinct places for camping during training. This will offer a chance to get more realistic training and will be exposed to real life like situations.
  • Knowledge and Training – The government under the scheme will also offer youths with proper level of training and at the same time will be exposed to the way these services and forces have to perform in the real life situations. The scheme will focus on offering youths with complete level of training.
  • Cost factor – The youth and sports welfare department will bear the entire cost for the training of the selected youths under the scheme. The government has not yet started any fixed amount of budget for implementation of the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scheme is only open for the local residents of Madhya Pradesh state. So the candidate should be a local resident and born of the state. Apart from this the student can be from any sex or gender, and can be from NCC, or other such cadet background.
  • The candidate has to be between the age groups of 15 and 25 years of age. It is also obvious that the people who are working can be a part of this training program if they are from the desired age limit.


  • Declaration form – The candidate have to submit a self attested and acknowledged declaration form along with their application form at the time of submission. It is also important that the guardians and parents of the youths have to submit their acknowledgement so their kids can be a part of the programme.
  • Medical certificate – It is also important for candidates to submit a copy of the medical certificate of the candidate as declaration form at the time fo undergoing training programme.
  • Certificate of character – The applicants are also expected to submit an attested copy of the character certificate showing that he or she is till date not having any police record for illegal activities.
  • Proof of Identity – The candidate will also have to submit a copy of the Aadhar card, and their leaving certificate from their school or university level, which ever applicable. In case the applicant is already working employee then he or she may have to submit a copy of the job application letter.

Procedure for Application

  • At the time of registration under the program it is important that candidates have to apply via online portal. The application form can be availed at the link provided at http://www.dsywmp.gov.in.
  • From the official web portal after logging in you have to take a print out of the application form in the PDF format. It is important to fill in all possible details asked on the form by the applicants before submitting the form. The forms can directly be submitted in District offices.
  • You can also try and visit the district offices and request for a copy of the offline form and fill in the details and submit as per your requirements.

How to apply

  • In order to place your application you will have to log on to the web site at the address stated above. From the main page of the web site you need to look around for Maa Tujhe Pranam scheme and click it.
  • The form will be displayed on the main page of the screen and you just have to select the link to download the printable copy of the form. Once the copy has been downloaded you just have to select to print the form. Then you can directly fill in the details and attest all your documents along with the form.
  • Each of the documents requested is mandatory and has to be attached with the form. Offline application forms also have to be presented in the same pattern.

Process of works

The moment you make the submission of the application forms all details and certificates will be verified by the government. In the initial stage over 10 youths (five each men and women) will be selected. The total number of applicants will be from amongst 500 and overall 50 from each of the district will be selected. So in and all 250 men and 250 women will be given with an opportunity to participate. They will be then sent for further training at the border area.

Amongst the selected 10 candidates they will include two activists, a player from the national level and one each from NCC and NS. The government will make use of lottery systems for randomly selecting the candidates. So in first phase over 361 selected candidates will get an opportunity for being a part of the team.

Places selected for visiting

The government will send the selected candidates only to selected places including Wagha and Kargil border areas along with Leh, Pura, Kochi, Longewala, Tanot Mata Temple and Hussainiwala.

Candidates will be exposed to real life like training situations in the selected areas. They will also be offered with knowledge related to Bhutan border and Sashastra Seema Bal under the scheme.


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