Sheep Rearing Scheme Telangana

Sheep Rearing Scheme Telangana

Telangana, being the newest state, has been developed largely in many folds. The CM of the state has given special attention to the agricultural sectors in fast few years to encourage the productivity of lands and farmers in a positive way.

Sheep Rearing Scheme Telangana

In recent times the Telangana state government has introduced a new scheme namely Sheep Rearing Scheme to benefit large number of farmers living across the state. Sheep Rearing or other animal farming schemes are not new though, but Telangana boosts up such scheme for the first time in last few years. The Director of Animal Husbandry, Telangana in association with State Government has taken this initiative to encourage the animal farming across the state.

Sheep Rearing Scheme: Features

  • The sheep rearing scheme will be introduced in Telangana state soon for the farmers who are involved in the animal husbandry farming. Under this scheme the farmers will be benefitted.
  • The state government in association with the NABARD, DCCB and Animal Husbandry department launched the scheme to encourage sheep rearing and other animal farming.
  • Under this scheme farmers will get 10+1 sheep rearing units so that they can work properly. Also 1.10 Lakh will be provided to each farmer for their benefits in the scheme.
  • More than 1400 farmers will be benefited under the scheme. Much more money has been allocated to the scheme by the state government and NABARD.
  • The scheme is one of the important parts of other agricultural schemes that are implemented in the state. The other schemes like vegetables, goat, dairy, poultry and such schemes are successfully implemented in the state already.

Other animal Farming in Telangana

Telangana is the agriculture based state and often the government takes care of the primary sector in the state. Before Sheep Rearing Scheme the state government had implemented many a schemes and programs related to agricultural production.

There was poultry, dairy farm, vegetable market and now sheep rearing scheme, all these schemes were successfully implemented and completed time to time. This time state government is keen to encourage animal husbandry as the animal farming seems to going down in many regions.

Sheep Rearing Scheme: Budget and Funding

The scheme is partly sponsored by the state government and the rest is managing by National Bank for Agricultural Rural Development. Total budget is allocated for the scheme is 14.1 Cr for the first phase. Though the time span is still not confirmed, but the funding is already allocated in different segments of the scheme.

Sheep Rearing Scheme: Infrastructure

  • Under this scheme the infrastructural part will be handled and sponsored by NABARD. The bank will take care of the irrigation, social and other infrastructure to enhance the productivity of the farmers and their farms.
  • Also the NABARD in association with state government will try to improve the lifestyle and income of the farmers by providing them more facilities, learning and education benefits under this scheme.
  • The authority said that the scheme will not only enhance the animal husbandry but also benefits the farmers to double their income through sheep rearing and other schemes. Each farmer will get 1.10 Lakh in the first phase for one year to start their work process. Also they will get 10+1 sheep rearing units for their benefits.

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