Swasta Vidya Vahini and Andariki Aarogyam Yojana in Andhra Pradesh

Swasta Vidya Vahini and Andariki Aarogyam Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh state government has taken up drastic measures to improve the living conditions of people in the state. One of the first and foremost things needed to improve the conditions of people is their health. For this reason they have come up with two distinctive plans and schemes – both of which are directed towards health care.

Swasta Vidya Vahini and Andariki Aarogyam Scheme Andhra Pradesh

Andariki Aarogyam

Under this program, the government has decided to launch a health insurance scheme. The health insurance is known as Andariki Aarogyam and it is dedicated towards providing some safety for illnesses to the masses.

Things to know about this scheme –

  • Under this scheme, the government will be providing health insurance only to those who have not been covered under any scheme of the Central government.
  • People will be able to get full benefits of health insurance by paying a premium of Rs. 100 per head of the family. It will be launched on 1st January 2017.
  • The government has clarified that no one will be forced to take this health care. Instead, people will be educated on the benefits they would receive if they took this scheme.
  • This is a step by step scheme taken up by the state – meaning, that they will make changes on its implication, after taking initial results into account.
  • This health insurance scheme is expected to be the best in the whole world and it will be launched with the help of powerful organizations like the Bill Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, etc.
  • If you are willing to enroll, you can put in your name. Officials would collect the names and complete the enrollment process. They will collect the premium of the first 2 months too.

Swasta Vidya Vahini

Since health begins with the food we take in, the government is also starting to take up the initiative to provide healthy food to the kids of the state. For this reason, they have come up with the Swasta Vidya Vahini scheme – which is aimed to promote both education and health among the kids of the state.

Here are the details of this scheme –

  • Nutritious food will be distributed in schools under this scheme. Over 222 locations in the state will be covered under this programme. But that is not all, apart from healthy food the scheme also aims to inculcate healthy habits in the children.
  • The students of the medical and nursing schools and colleges will be taking part in this scheme and they will reach out to the masses in towns and villages to make people aware about cleanliness.

This scheme will benefit many individuals in the state in keeping the state healthy and proper.

A tabular overview

Serial No. Swasta Vidya Vahini


Andariki Aarogyam


1 45000 medical colleges participating Rs. 160.56 crore invested for this
2 NTR university making arrangement CM N. Chandrababu Naidu has launched
3 Healthy food and habits scheme Rs. 100 premium per head
4 222 locations 1st January 2017 launch date

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