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Uttar Pradesh Voter List with Photo, UP Election Voter List with Photograph pdf Download, Search or Download the Voter List of Uttar Pradesh District Wise | उत्तर प्रदेश के मतदाताओं की सूची फोटो के साथ – जानिये कैसे देख सकते हैं आनलाइन अथवा फाइल कैसे डाउनलोड करें | matdata parchi up 2019

Well, as we are aware of the fact that the UP elections are approaching, the government has become really strict to ensure that each and every member of all the families have their names registered in the Voter list. The political parties have started their campaigns to ensure they get the maximum number of votes from common people. And a lot of people are of the opinion that Ahilesh Yadav has launched the free smartphone scheme for that purpose only. Well, these are just assumptions. But this article is going to bring you the details about Voter list of UP and how can you check the names in the voter list.

UP Voter List 2017

  • What can we do?

Now we know that it is the responsibility of the government to make sure every individuals name is on the voter list. But this responsibility also lies among us. It just cannot be denied that innumerable individuals are reluctant about ensuring their names in the voter list. And this leads to false votes. We need to understand that, the responsibility of electing the right candidate lies among us. The elected candidates are public servants. And we are the ones who can make sure that we select the best one for us.

  • Transformation in formatting the voter list- then and now

The election commission releases voter list that contains the name of voters. You will get the file in a pdf format online. The residents of UP will be able to see this along with photograph. If you want to make sure whether your name is one the list or not, you have to download the pdf file of voter list that is available on the internet. This is often referred as the Matdata Suchi. The voter list is updated time to time as and when new individuals are added into the list. Previously this was done by going home to home and asking for personal information. And the information would be updated in the voter list. But now the process has become online. You need to fill up a form by providing all your personal details. And submit the form online. It will be updated once your name is enlisted in the voter list.

  • The steps to download voter list

Now here are the steps to check out the voter list.

The first step is to visit this page Then you have to click on the drop down to search for your district. Once you get it, you will have 3 more options to narrow down the search.

You can select any one from the three options, “Epic Number”, “name” “Father/Husband name”. These three options will help you in searching name wise. Now you have to click on the “search” button. After you click on it, all the search buttons will be shown.

You will get all the information like the AC number (Assembly Constituency number), the serial number, your name, your father’s name age and also the EPIC number/ the voter card number.

There will be an option for viewing the voter slip. You can view your polling booth according to the Matdata Suchi with your photo. This is how you check your name on the voter list. There is also another way of checking your name in offline mode.

The first step is to select your district and then you have to select the AC from the list. When you select the AC, you will again have three options. And after you select one of the option, you have to click on “Show” button.

This will help you in getting thee pdf file and that too “polling station wise”. Now you will see the list of various polling stations. On your right you will find an option of “electoral roll”. Now, according to your polling booth, you have to click on the “electoral roll” button.

Once again a pdf file will be downloaded that contains the district wise name of voters in UP. By following these simple steps you can find your name in the voter’s list.

A tabular overview

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. Why is voter list required? To maintain party list proportional representation voting systems.
2. Preparation of voter list According to nomination rules and election rules
3. Change in voter list Depending on elections, general assembly or board meetings to add/prioritize the list of candidates accordingly.
4. Preferences that influence a committee’s work Gender, age, geography, and occupation.

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