Assam Government Announces Welfare Schemes for Tea Tribes

Assam Government Announces Welfare Schemes for Tea Tribes 2020 (Simon Sing Horo Special Scholarship for students , Swahid Dayal Das Panika Swaniyojan Achoni)

The primary industry is Assam is the tea. Thousands of Assam residents depend on the operational tea gardens to earn their livelihood. There is a high demand for Assam tea in the national and international markets. However, lack of financial support hinders the development of the tea estate, it, in turn, paves the path for the poverty of the tea garden workers. It is the responsibility of the state government to take the necessary steps, which will ensure that the people can enjoy a better life. In this line, the current Assam Chief Minister has highlighted numerous welfare projects, which have been targeted towards people, who belong to the tea tribes.

Assam Government Announces Welfare Schemes for Tea Tribes

Welfare scheme for the tea tribes

A people, belonging to the tea tribes, work on the tea estates, tending to the needs of the tea shrubs. They also work in the tea processing factories. The state government is developing and launching various schemes to gain the support of the tea tribal people. The Chief Minsiter of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal has indicated that all these projects will be implemented in 2020. He also stated that the respective departments will make sure that the people get the benefits of the scheme without much hassle. Here is a quick look at the details of the schemes.

Scholarship for students

Proper education is important for the betterment of an individual’s career. However, many students, belonging to the tea tribes, come from poor families. They lack the financial resources to pursue higher education. The Assam Chief Minister mentioned that the students, who pass the final examination of 10th and 12th standard, they can apply and attain a scholarship grant of Rs. 10,000. This one-time grant will assist the students to fund their higher educations.

Simon Sing Horo Special Scholarship

The state government wants to encourage the youngsters to develop new business ideas. Such candidates need not search for jobs. The development of more business ventures will create more jobs in the market. However, the youngsters may not possess the capital to start the project. To aid such candidate, the state government will offer a grant of Rs. 25,000. The money will be given to as many as 15,000 beneficiaries. The individual can use the money for the establishment and development of the business.

Swahid Dayal Das Panika Swaniyojan Achoni

The state government has noticed that most people, belonging to the tea tribes do not have access to pucca homes or permanent residential units. It paves the path for housing problems and development of slums. To eliminate these issues, the Assam authority has developed a housing scheme for the tea tribal people. With the implementation of this scheme, the government will offer Rs. 1.3 lakhs to the beneficiaries. The Chief Minister also highlighted that the scheme features will be modified to make sure that non-tribal tea garden employees, also enjoy the perks of this scheme.

Criticism by opposition parties

The leaders of the opposition parties in the state are not happy with these schemes. They are of the opinion that such schemes will not pave the path for constructive and long-term benefits. These projects only offer an insufficient amount that may aid the tea tribal students and youngsters for a short time.

The opposition party members also highlighted that the previous implementation of Swami Vivekananda Self-Employment Scheme did not offer extra-ordinary outcome. Thus, the state government must put in more effort to ensure financial and social welfare of the people.

The Chief Minister of Assam has only announced the names and primary features of this scheme. He or other government officials did not mention anything in detail about the eligibility of the scheme beneficiaries. The state Chief Minister has ordered the officials to complete the necessary preparatory tasks. Once this ends, the Assam government will be able to implement the schemes, without any chances of errors.

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