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Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card Updating Process(Edit Update) [tnpds.gov.in][Apply]

A ration card not only helps people to get grains at low rates from the government ration shops, but they are also a key document that contains identification details of the card holder. Earlier, every member of the family had a separate ration card. After PM’s digitization drive, the smart ration card was launched. Tamil Nadu had embraced this scheme, and now, it has come up with easy online services to make corrections in the ration card. A single smart ration card will contain details of all family members, the address, contact details etc.

Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card

Launch details

The task of digitizing ration cards was started in Tamil Nadu in the year 2017. The main objective of the authority was to streamline the entire system. In 2018, the state government has announced a new service that will make it easy for people to make necessary changes as and when required. It is the responsibility of Public Distribution System to look after the smooth operation of this program.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Editing or updating the ration cards – The main advantage of this online editing and updating service is to make necessary changes in the ration card without any fuss.
  2. Fast and easy process – Thanks to the online editing and updating of the smart ration card, the process has become hassle-free and fast. Candidates can do it by themselves by logging on to the site and following the instructions.
  3. No need for documentation – As the papers and photographs can be uploaded for online verification by the government officers; there is no need to worry about attaching hardcopies with the application form.
  4. Digitization of the system – With the implementation of smart ration card in the state, the Tamil Nadu state government has taken a significant step towards fulfilling the PM’s dream of digitizing India.

How to edit or update Smart Ration Card?

  1. To make any edits or deletions from the smart ration card, a candidate must log on to the link tnpds.gov.in. It will take the person to the authorized page of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System.
  2. As the page opens, the information will be available in Tamil. It is the default language of this site. In case the person has problems with this language, he/she can change the language setting to English.
  3. Then the candidate has to click on the link that is marked as “Correction of Details.” It is available under the section that is marked as “Correct Your Smart Card.”
  4. As soon as the marked link has been licked on, it will open another page. Here, the candidate has to type in the active mobile number that is registered in the system. Entering the number will bring forth the online correction application document.
  5. But before the person starts with the editing or updating process, he/she must type in the capcha code that is visible at the right side of the screen. It will activate an OTP. It will be forwarded via SMS to the registered mobile number.
  6. After making the necessary corrections and uploading scanned copies of proof documents, it is time to click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  7. As soon as the submission is done successfully, the site will generate a reference code. This number will come in handy in future for the checking the status of the application.
  8. For checking the status of the application, the candidate has to log on to the same official site and then click on the link marked as “Status of Request”

How to add a new family member’s name?

  1. Any person who desires to add a new name in the smart ration card, needs to click on the official website of the state government. To reach the site, one has to click on the link tnpds.gov.in.
  2. A new link will appear that is marked as “Smart Card Related Services.” Under this subcategory, you will get several services.
  3. If the name of another family member has to added, then the person must click on the link marked as “Add Member.”
  4. Once the page opens, the person has to type in the name and recorded mobile number. As the name of a new person is being added, one has to upload a recent picture of the new family member as well.

How to delete a family member’s name?

  1. If a person desires to remove the name of any family member, then it is necessary to log on to the official page, by clicking on the link tnpds.gov.in.
  2. Then click on the link that is marled as “Smart Card Related Services.”
  3. After this, the interested candidate needs to click on the link that is marked as “Remove Family Member.”
  4. When the page with the details appears, one must type in the register the active mobile number. Then one has to type in the details of that specific member whose name needs to be deleted from the smart ration card.

How to alter the address?

  1. In case one seeks to change the existing address or add another address to the smart ration card, he/she will have to click on the official link of the site, i.e. tnpds.gov.in.
  2. When the page opens, the person needs to click on the link “Change of Address.”
  3. As soon as it is done, a new page will open. Here, the changed address or the new address must be typed in.
  4. Lastly, click the “ok” button to get the address registered in the smart ration card system.

Budgetary allocation and helpline number

During the start of this service, the state government of Tamil Nadu 500 crore has been allotted for the implementation of this scheme. In case any person is interested in getting more details about the updating or editing process, then he/she can call on the numbers 1800-425-5901 or 1967 and talk to the officers at the Public Distribution System.


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