Unnati Scheme in Karnataka

Unnati Scheme in Karnataka (Entrepreneur Startup Funding Scheme) SC/ST 2018 Eligibility Criteria, Application Form Process

PM Modi stressed on the fact that the development and prosperity of India will depend on business ventures. Youth must attain necessary capital and managerial assistance from authorities to establish their businesses. The Unnati Scheme in Karnataka has been implemented with this view. The state CM will provide financial assistance to those start-up owners, who show promise of success and justifiability.  

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Launch details

Name of the scheme Unnati Scheme
Launched in Karnataka
Launched by H. D. Kumaraswamy
Date of announcement October 2018
Supervised by Social and Welfare Department in Karnataka
Target beneficiaries Youth with business ideas
Financial assistance 50 lakh
Official site  www.kalyanakendra.com

Key features of the scheme

  1. Foundation for tech-based start-ups – With the implementation of this project, the state government wants to offer financial assistance to candidates with innovative business ideas. Sustainability and rural development are the major goals of this scheme.
  2. Products for rural development – The products and solutions, offered by the community organizations must be targeted towards betterment of people living in rural areas.
  3. Available financial grant – The state government will offer Rs. 50 lakhs to all selected venture owners.
  4. Development of backward classes – The Karnataka government has implemented this project with the view to include more Adivasi and Dalit individuals.
  5. Division of ideas in two categories – The government will judge and categorize the applicants. ST/SC applicants must come up with venture plans, which will offer results over a long time. This will not depend on any sector. On the other hand, tech-based ideas must work with the purpose of solving rural problems. These may include waste disposal, health, education, and other areas.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Resident of the state – Only legal residents of Karnataka will be able to pitch their ideas. Thus, applicants have to submit their residential documents.
  2. Age of the organization – All such organizations, which have been operating for more than four years, will not be allowed to enroll under this project.
  3. Registered business – Several registrations are necessary for a business to operate in any state. An application that does not have such certificates will not be allowed to get the benefits.
  4. Workforce from the state – The business organization must involve people of Karnataka as workforce. 50% of the workforce must be legal residents of Karnataka.
  5. Sustainability of the idea – People who belong to ST or SC category will attain financial assistance, if the committee deems that the business idea is sustainable.
  6. ST/SC certificate – Such applicants will have to produce their ST or SC certificates. These documents will support their claims.
  7. Tech-based idea – People who want to work in rural area, must develop their ideas, based on technology. Otherwise, the applications will not be considered.
  8. Bank account details – Applicants will get the specified grant in their bank accounts. Thus, candidates must have an active bank account, and offer account related details with the application form.

How to get application form and Registration Process for the scheme?

  1. All registrations must be submitted through the special portal that has been launched by the state government. All interested applicants have to click on the link kalyanakendra.com to get to this portal.
  2. As the page opens, the candidate must click on the link, marked as “Sign In / Register”
  3. It will trigger the site to open a registration box.
  4. Here the applicant must type in a user name and the active mobile number.
  5. Then he/she must click on the Send OTP button.
  6. This triggers the site to send an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  7. This is an important step. Candidates cannot process to the actual application process, without completing this step.
  8. Once the committee scrutinizes these applications and takes the final decision, respective applicants will be informed accordingly.

Implementation of the scheme

  1. The state government has highlighted that business enthusiasts can pitch their ideas by filling in the online enrollment form.
  2. Once the form and necessary documents have been submitted, these will be checked thoroughly by a screening committee.
  3. This committee will consist of three different members. The respective minister will also take part in the final decision making process.
  4. All the selected applicants will be offers some funds to start the project on a trial basis.
  5. If the trail produces satisfactory results, then the state government will offer more funds for large scale implementation of the business.
  6. This step-by step implementation procedure will ensure proper management and monitoring of the schemes.

Capital seems to be the main issue that hinders several business enthusiasts from starting their ventures. Youth of the nation requires more assistance from central as well as state government to develop these business ventures. Though the current budget for this project is Rs, 20 crore, state authority may increase the budget to Rs. 100 crore, if more sustainable ideas come forward.

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