UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme (UPAVP) (Uttar Pradesh Avas Vikas Parishad)

In recent times our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has taken so many steps forward to give a better life to the backward class people. Not only in central but state wise many of such schemes have implemented to give a better living space to the people who are unable to purchase their own piece of land to live. Akhilesh Yadav, honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has initiated another scheme for the backward class, namely UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme. The scheme is to provide houses to the economically weak people.

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme – Key Features

  • To provide housing for all groups of society
  • To provide financial assistance to build houses in decent areas of the state Uttar Pradesh
  • To provide a better living space for the people who are economically weak, lower and middle income group
  • To develop several living areas with quality amenities at affordable price
  • People can book their flats as low as at Rs. 10, 000/-
  • Anyone who falls under economically weaker group can apply for the scheme.
  • The scheme will also provide loan to reconstruct the house

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme – Eligibility

The scheme is for the people who live below the poverty line or who fall under the economically backward group. The eligibility criteria to apply for the scheme are:

  • Person must be from economically weaker group or lower and middle income group.
  • Person should not have his / her own pucca house anywhere
  • The applicant must have proper ID proof like Aadhaar or PAN or Voter ID card

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme – How to apply

To apply for the Awas Vikas Housing Scheme one must fill up the application form. The application form is available in the official website of the UP Awas Vikas Parishad.

How to apply (steps) Process (Details to be given)
Step 1 Visit the website https://upavp.in/
Step 2 Find the form in schemes
Step 3 Enter basic details like name, address, contact, spouse, children etc.
Step 4 Enter your income, nature of work, bank details
Step 5 Upload documents like ID proof and such
Step 6 Submit the form after verify all the details=

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme – Area covered by scheme

The scheme has started in the state Uttar Pradesh. As of now only two districts Lucknow and Ghaziabad are the prominent areas where the scheme is been implemented. The scheme aims to cover major areas across the state. As per the mission of the scheme, the state government will provide nearly 2 lakh pucca houses or flats to the economically weaker group at much lower price.

Several rural and semi urban area of the mentioned districts will be aimed to build new affordable housing projects for the applicants.

UP Awas Vikas Housing Scheme – Benefits

The scheme is definitely a better opportunity for the people to have their own houses. The advantages of the scheme are:

  • Those who are unable to buy their own house can now have their own flats
  • Flats can be owned in just Rs. 10, 000/-
  • Those who live in kuccha house will get pucca house in a decent area with amenities
  • Applicants can reconstruct their old houses under this scheme.


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