Varah Palan Scheme Goa Subsidy Pork Production (Pig Farming Process Rural Areas)

Varah Palan Scheme Goa Subsidy to Boost Pork Production Pig Farming Process in the Rural Areas of the State

To provide financial contribution for the development of the farmer’s on improving their earnings, the state government of Goa has introduced a peculiar scheme ‘Varah Palan’. This will boost the pork production in the state, also tackles the inadequate meat supply within the state.

Varah Palan Scheme Subsidy to boost pork production pig farming rural area

About Varah Palan Scheme

Well, the scheme Varah Palan can be briefed as the small investiture for the state farmers to yield high amount of earnings. The scheme literally supports the swine farming activity in the non-city areas of the state. However, anyone from the Goa state can apply for this scheme, however, the pig farming to be laid only at the rural areas.

Launch Details

The launch of this farmer’s welfare scheme was held on the 13th of February 2018, on the event held at the state capital Panaji.  Under this scheme, the eligible people can avail financial assistance from the state government in purchase the characteristically varied and interbred pigs.

In addition to that sufficient financial support will be provided by the state government for place appropriate piggery farm infrastructure.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to avail assistance from the state government of Goa for placing piggery farm under this scheme, the farmers need to be active and residing in the Goa state for about minimum of 5 years.
  • Apart from that, the respective farmers needs to undergo piggery management training before availing the state government assistance on setting the piggery farms in rural areas like the village panchayat of the state.

Key Features and Highlighting Points of this Pork Production Scheme

  • The scheme allows the private state farmers to buy a young pig which weighs about 20 Kilos and also allows buying an adult female domestic swine or normal domestic swine weighs up the maximum limits of 90 Kilos.
  • The eligible farmers can purchase the piglings from the state owned pig farms for discounted rates. In case the breed have not been found at those centers means, farmers can purchase those pig lings from other private farms.
  • For purchasing young pigs from private farms, one needs to get NOC from the animal husbandry and veterinary services. And the subsidy amount for the same will be dispatched to the respective farmer’s bank account.
Elements Subsidy Amount
For purchasing female domestic swine Rs. 5,000
For purchasing domestic swine Rs. 8,000
For Infrastructure Maximum total subsidy amount Rs.44, 000. Max Rs.2,000 per pig

The eligible state farmers need to get permission from the respective village panchayat board for establishing the piggery unit by the beneficiary in their region. After getting those permission and NOC only, the state government will transfer the subsidy amount.


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