Energy Efficient Solar Pump Scheme in Andhra Pradesh for Farmers

Energy Efficient Solar Pump Scheme in Andhra Pradesh for Farmers – Provide New Solar Pumps, Subsidy of Rs. 2.57 lakh, Smart Control Panel

The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a huge initiative of developing their agriculture system. This system has already been welcomed throughout the state. The government is looking forward to replace 15 Lakh old and obsolete agricultural pumps and they will try to replace it with EE (Energy Efficient) pumps. This initiative for the farmers is a gift from the government and they have named it Sankranti gift for the farmers. The pumps will be provided in a phased manner and the first phase will completed within March, 2019. The budget for providing these pumps is 6, 000 Crore INR.

Also the government is anticipating providing new solar pump connections to the farmers. The farmers will get help from the state government if they want to buy solar pumps.

Energy Efficient Solar Pump Scheme in Andhra Pradesh

Details of the Energy Efficient Pump Sets

Number of replaced pumps 15 Lakh
Cost of each pump 40, 000 INR
Total budget 6, 000 Crore INR
Number of pumps in 1st phase 4 lakh
1st phase completion date March, 2019
Program launched by Chandrababu  Naidu (CM of Andhra Pradesh)
Supervised By Andhra Pradesh government

Smart Control Panel of Energy Efficient Pump

There is an interesting facility for the farmers of the Andhra Pradesh state as they will be provided with a mobile-functioned smart control panel. Using this control panel the farmers will be able to switch on and switch off their pumps from home. There is an Automatic SMS System in the mobile-operated control panel which will send an Automatic SMS to the concerned authorities in case the pumps are not functioning properly.

Solar Pump Sets subsidy details

If the groundwater in the farms of the farmers is accessible at a depth of 75 meters, the Andhra Pradesh government will provide solar pumps to the farmers. The cost of each solar pump is 3.12 lakh INR. The government will help the farmers with money in this case. The government will provide 2.57 lakh INR to the farmers to help them get a solar panel but the farmers will have to pay 55, 000 INR to the government for their solar pumps. The whole process will be supervised by the Andhra Pradesh state and Union government.

Power Supply

The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a very good step to ensure 7 hour daytime electricity for the farming community as they have connected 9.6 lakh pump sets to the high voltage distribution system of Andhra Pradesh.  The cost of each of the pump sets is 1 lakh INR. This step will ensure better power supply for the farming community and consequently the production in the agriculture sector of Andhra Pradesh will be increased.

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