Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan Yojana Rajasthan – Free Auto Service

Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan Yojana Rajasthan – Free Auto Service for Women

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan has recently launched a new scheme under which she launched e-auto rickshaw for the women of the state. Now women can travel by these particular types of rickshaws at free of cost. The scheme namely Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan Yojana will be available for the women population so that they can move from one place to another in any emergency without any difficulty.

vasundhara sakhi mahila vahan yojna rajasthan

Launch Details

CM of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje has launched the scheme on Aug 19th 2017. The scheme Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan Yojana has been started from the Jaipur city. The chairman of city council was present at the time of inauguration. Smt. Laxmi Jain, district collateral was present there too. On her request Mrs. Raje took the first ride in e-auto rickshaw in Jaipur city and inaugurated the scheme.

Features of the Scheme

  • Purpose: The scheme aims to provide free travelling to the women within the state. These rickshaws will be available to many leading places so that women can take them in case of emergency.
  • E-Auto Rickshaws: There will be three rickshaws that will run from one place to another. The first one will be from clutter to market area. Second one has been travelled from clutter to the bus stand and the final one will be travelling from maternity homes and hospitals to the homes.
  • Facilities: While travelling by these vehicles the women will get to watch videos that are played in the rickshaw. These videos will show other central and state government run schemes so that they get idea about them.
  • Beneficiaries: This scheme is for the women of the state. Any woman can travel free of cost in these rickshaws. There is no age limit or category is given under this scheme.
  • Implementation: The scheme has already been started from the month of August. Until now nearly 130 to 150 women have already travelled in this free e-rickshaw. They have thanked Raje for this initiative.
  • Other schemes: In Rajasthan two other schemes have launched. The Consumer Incentive Scheme has launched to provide cashless transactions and Student House Rental Scheme in which students of state government run colleges can apply for benefits.

Vasundhara Sakhi Mahila Vahan Yojana has launched to enhance the life of the women in the state. This initiative is one of the many schemes that are started to encourage women to go out and work. This scheme has already started and successfully running in the state.

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