Vidyanjali Yojana Scheme

Vidyanjali Yojana Scheme

A unique scheme named the Vidyanjali Yojana has been launched by the Ministry of Education in India which aims to fill up the Govt. schools with volunteer teachers willing to provide their service. With this unique scheme, one can fulfil the dream of becoming a teacher and teaching in a govt. school without having a teaching degree or becoming a certified teacher. There is an acute shortage of school teachers in govt. schools, mostly in rural areas all across the nation. Vidyanjali Yojana aims to fulfil this gap.

Vidyanjali Yojana

Vidyanjali Yojana Objective

The Vidyanjali Yojana enables dynamic individuals to provide voluntary teaching services to the govt. schools where there is an acute shortage of teachers. In some govt. schools, mostly the primary schools in rural areas, one or two teacher is responsible to teach all the subjects. Regular teacher recruitment is not going on to fulfil the shortage of teaching staffs in the govt. schools. So under the Vidyanjali Yojana anyone with some basic educational qualifications can offer their voluntary service in any govt. school nearby. This will result in fulfilling the teaching staff shortage at present. Almost anyone, like a home maker, NRI, retired person, etc can join this scheme.

Vidyanjali Yojana key features

Below are the key features of the Vidyanjali Yojana which allows a common man to voluntarily provide teaching service to the Govt. schools where there is a need of such service:

  • There are no such hard and fast eligibility criteria required for provide vocational teaching in govt. schools under the Vidyanjali Yojana. The volunteers do not have to possess a B.ED degree for joining and teaching under this scheme.
  • The Vidyanjali Yojana is a completely separate project and will not affect the regular teacher recruitment procedures. The regular teaching staff recruitment will take place as usual. The individuals can work voluntarily and their services will be monitored by the concerned school and its teaching staff.
  • One can choose a particular school as per his / her convenience as start giving their voluntary services. Also the participants of the Vidyanjali Yojana are free to choose any subject which they are interested in teaching.
Sl. No. Scheme attributes Related data
1 Name of scheme Vidyanjali Yojana
2 Administrative authority Ministry of HRD and Education.
3 Classes of implementation Class I – Class VIII
4 No. Of schools covered till now 2,200
5 Online mode of application Web portal-
6 Mobile application MyGov app for Android and Windows users.

How to apply for Vidyanjali Yojana

Below are the steps which one must follow to apply for the Vidyanjali Yojana:

  • For the registered users of the MyGov web portal, they must visit the portal to log in to login to their account.
  • In case, the users are not registered in the web portal, one can register themselves by entering a valid e-mail ID and phone number.
  • One can also register via MyGov mobile app which is available for free download for the Android and Windows users.
  • After logging in the account, one can select the Vidyanjali Yojana to join the scheme.
  • One can select the school which has posted any requirements on the teaching volunteers under the Vidyanjali Yojana.
  • An application form is to be filled up online to participate in the scheme.

Selection procedure For volunteers

There is a selection procedure which is maintained to appoint the teaching volunteers under the Vidyanjali Yojana scheme. Below are the lists of the procedures of selection that are followed after an application is received:

  • The application on receipt is sorted out according to the Block area where the school is located.
  • The Block Education Officer views the application and verifies the application particulars along with the supported documents.
  • After consultation with the Headmaster or Principal of the govt. school, the BEO passes necessary orders so that an individual can join the scheme.
  •  The individual is informed about the joining date by the school authorities.

Vidyanjali Yojana Volunteers’ responsibility

There are some lists of responsibilities which must be fulfilled by the joining volunteers under the Vidyanjali Yojana. Though the service is voluntary in nature which means there will be no monetary compensation, but that does not implies there will be any lag in work.  The responsibilities of the volunteers are as follows:

  • Entertainment activities like dance, music, acting, etc.
  • Creative activities like drawing, painting, sculpture, handicraft, etc.
  • Public speaking activities.
  • Games and sports.
  • Yoga and other exercises.
  • Creative writing, story writing, poetry, etc.
  • Academic and career counselling.

Who will be Vidyanjali Yojana volunteers?

Anyone who is confident of teaching or sharing their knowledge on a voluntary basis can join the Vidyanjali Yojana and become its volunteers. College students, home makers, retired persons, ex army personnel, govt. and private employees, NGO members, NRI citizens, etc. can become a Vidyanjali Yojana volunteer. Local villagers can also be a part of this scheme and provide voluntary teaching in the schools, if approved by the school authorities.

Eligibility for Vidyanjali Yojana volunteers

To become a Vidyanjali Yojana volunteer, one do not need any specialized degrees. But the Govt. has set some minimum criteria so that efficient volunteers can be appointed which can prove beneficial to the school students.

  • The home makers who want to become a volunteer should be minimum Higher Secondary pass.
  • For the NRIs, they must be graduate and posses an Overseas Citizenship Card to participate in the scheme.
  • The members of Indian Diaspora must be Higher Secondary pass.
  • The retired professionals and ex-army personnel must have a graduation degree.

Benefits of Vidyanjali Yojana  

Following are some benefits of this scheme:

  • Those who want their teaching dream to be fulfilled without following a mainstream teaching staff recruitment procedure can join this scheme and give their voluntary services towards the society.
  • Regular staff recruitment of teachers will not get effected.
  • Schools with shortage of teaching staff in various fields can have teachers willing to teach voluntarily.
  • The volunteers may set the teaching schedules after consultation with the school authorities.

How to implement Vidyanjali Yojana?

  • A total of 21 districts with 2,200 govt. schools have already joined the scheme and further advertisements on joining the scheme are being circulated.
  • The school authorities must have secured school compounds with separate toilets for boy and girl students.
  • Fully functional internet connectivity must be present.
  • For the girls schools and co-ed schools, there must be a female teacher present.
  • The school must follow the RTE norms and have the necessary PTR.

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