UP Viklang Jan Pension Yojana | Handicapped Pension Scheme Uttar Pradesh – Apply Online, Check Application Status @sspy-up.gov.in

Register UP Viklang Jan Pension Yojana | Handicapped Pension Scheme Uttar Pradesh – Apply Online, Check Application Status @sspy-up.gov.in

The Uttar Pradesh State government has announced the launch of the new scheme termed as Handicapped Pension Scheme – (UP Viklang Jan Pension Yojana). This new scheme has been launched for the handicapped people within the state. Under the new scheme the state government will offer benefit to people who are unable to earn their living by working. This pension scheme will definitely help disabled persons to earn their livelihood and stay independent without depending on their family members or relatives.

up viklang jan pension yojana

Launch Details

  • The new scheme has been launched under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath for immediate implementation.
  • The process of registration is also made available for the beneficiary via official web portal. The services are Live online and can be used currently by anyone.
  • The entire scheme will be regulated and supervised by the Pension department of the state government of UP.

Features of the scheme

  • Beneficiaries – As per the government statements, the new scheme launched will offer benefit to any person who is physically handicapped and disabled. It will offer full benefit to people who are not able to earn their livelihood due to their physical disability and have to depend on others for their daily needs.
  • Benefits – According to the regulations mentioned the physically handicapped persons will be offered with monetary assistance by the state government Pension department. They can use the money provided to purchase all necessary items for their daily needs that is needed for their survival. This will help them be self dependent.
  • Web portal service – To ensure that each beneficiary is getting assistance at the time of need the state government has also announced the launch of the web portal service where the beneficiary can get registered under the scheme easily. The web portal services can also be used by any relative or friends of the beneficiary for completing the process of registration under the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • As the new scheme is launched by the state government of Uttar Pradesh so to take benefit under the pension scheme the beneficiary has to be a resident of Uttar Pradesh state by birth.
  • According to the regulations it is also obvious that the benefit will only be provided to the person who is physically handicapped. So it is important that the beneficiary will have to prove his physical disability by providing required documents.
  • It is also important that the beneficiary should not have any other source of income including fixed assets and should not be employed for regular source of income.

Documents required

  • Being a local resident of the state the beneficiary will have to provide with proof of his resident ship in the state. This include submission of birth certificates, ration card, biometric cards or other relevant government documents.
  • If the person has to take the benefit of this scheme he will have to provide with documents that can prove his physical disability including disability certificate that has been attested by the concerned authority.
  • When registering the applicant may have to submit their passport sized photograph and all attested documents along on the web portal for verification.
  • The applicant has to submit a copy of Birth certificate that has to be a legal document that is issued by the verified health center or local hospital.
  • As the beneficiary will be provided with financial assistance so he will also have to submit a copy of valid bank account along with their registered mobile number.
  • In case the applicant is already receiving income or having any other source of income then he will have to provide with a copy of their income proof that has been issued by the relevant authority.

How to register

  • In order to claim for the benefit under the pension scheme the beneficiary will have to log on to the official website via http://sspy-up.gov.in.
  • On the home page you will have to look around for UP Viklang Pension scheme for 2018 year. Once you have located you have to download the application form.
  • On the online application form applicants have to fill in all personal detailed information. After completing the process of filling in information the application form has to be submitted.
  • A valid scanned copy of all required documents has to be attached and uploaded along with the form. Applicants will also be provided with a message of confirmation as SMS on registered mobile.
  • Some predetermined amount under the scheme will be credited to your account, after all procedures have been completed.
  • To fill in all details on the form you have to select the apply option from the home page. Now if you are first time users you will have to select as new entry. Submission can be made after completing all details required.
  • You can also save the application number for further verification of the status of your application form.

How to check status of the application form

This option is only available for applicants who have already applied for benefit under the scheme. The status of the application form can be checked by the candidates using below mentioned guidelines.

  • To check with status of your application form, you have to visit the official website. On the home page you have to select with the Status option (Avedan Ki Stithi).
  • In the tab provided you will have to mention your current User ID and Password details. Now select the status option for checking with the application status.

The state government of Uttar Pradesh has enabled the launch of the new beneficiary scheme to help physically challenged individuals so they don’t have to depend on other or their family members for their daily needs. The monetary assistance that will be provided to these individuals by the state government can be used for purchasing all useful grocery and other items that they may need on daily basis. This is a very bold step taken by the state government so the families of disabled persons don’t feel the burden of their livelihood on their shoulders.

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